Dispelling the Darkness of Fear (Video)

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There is but one force that paralyzes people, and it is fear; and fear is an emotion caused by belief—a belief that by doing something, we’ll experience some form of pain. Discover powerful tools to help you understand your fears and overcome them!

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Understanding the Trials of Life (Video)

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If you were to plan your life’s path, there is no doubt you would’ve steered clear of all the hell you went through. The reality is that some of those trials chiseled some of your better features. Watch this video to discover powerful and effective ways to deal with the trials of life.

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Discovering the Power of Your Dreams (Video)

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When my second son, Joseph, was eight years-old, he taught me one of the most powerful lessons on achievement that I ever learned. He’s twenty-six now, and he’s still living and pursuing the dream he had when he was just a boy. BUT, in a brief moment many years ago, he said something that revolutionized the way I thought about dreams. I’m still amazed at how a small boy could drop such mind-blowing truth.

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You May Be Close to the Greatest Change in Your Life (Video)

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Your greatest season is still ahead of you, but you’ll never experience it unless you understand this simple, but profound, truth that revolutionized my own life, and I know it will do the same for you. Watch this powerful free video.

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What’s the Greatest Truth I’ve Ever Learned? It’s Determination! (Video)

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If I had to sum up my entire life and business philosophy into one word, it would be “determination.” What is determination? It’s when I decide what my future will be, and I work to create the outcomes I want. At first hearing, this may not sound that profound, but believe me, it is!

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The Creative Power of Your Words to Change Your Life (Video)


Next to disciplining our thoughts, and maximizing the creative power of our minds, there is nothing more vital to personal development than controlling our mouths. Watch Episode 1 from my series “The Creative Power of Words.”

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Defeating Laziness: How to Get Yourself to Do What You Don’t Want to Do


Imagine how different your life would be if you’ve never been lazy! Imagine the things you’d have. Imagine the goals you would’ve achieved. Here’s a simple, effective technique I’ve used for years to get myself to do what I don’t want to when I need to do it!

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How to Prepare Yourself for the Bad Seasons of Life (Video)

When life hits, it hits hard, but we wait for the crisis to hit before we look for solutions. Whether panic attacks, anxiety, or depression, we only take action when the bad seasons come. But there’s a better way. You can create a stronger you now. Discover how in this FREE episode from my Life Domination Online Coaching Program.

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Sacrifice: The Price You’ll Pay to Become All You Can Be


Commitment takes sacrifice,and sacrifice is when you toss something of value in order to get something of even greater value. It’s giving yourself FOR yourself. It’s sacrificing what you are in order to become what you can be.

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Episode 1 of Creating a Winning Mindset (Video)


I’m excited to share with you the first episode from my course on “Mindset.” This is from The Life Domination Online Coaching Program which launched today, and it’s a program that I encourage YOU to join! If you’re ready to get out of your rut, feel better, take your life back, and start achieving your…

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