The Creative Power of Your Words to Change Your Life (Video)


Next to disciplining our thoughts, and maximizing the creative power of our minds, there is nothing more vital to personal development than controlling our mouths. Watch Episode 1 from my series “The Creative Power of Words.”

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Defeating Laziness: How to Get Yourself to Do What You Don’t Want to Do


Imagine how different your life would be if you’ve never been lazy! Imagine the things you’d have. Imagine the goals you would’ve achieved. Here’s a simple, effective technique I’ve used for years to get myself to do what I don’t want to when I need to do it!

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How to Prepare Yourself for the Bad Seasons of Life (Video)

When life hits, it hits hard, but we wait for the crisis to hit before we look for solutions. Whether panic attacks, anxiety, or depression, we only take action when the bad seasons come. But there’s a better way. You can create a stronger you now. Discover how in this FREE episode from my Life Domination Online Coaching Program.

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Sacrifice: The Price You’ll Pay to Become All You Can Be


Commitment takes sacrifice,and sacrifice is when you toss something of value in order to get something of even greater value. It’s giving yourself FOR yourself. It’s sacrificing what you are in order to become what you can be.

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Episode 1 of Creating a Winning Mindset (Video)


I’m excited to share with you the first episode from my course on “Mindset.” This is from The Life Domination Online Coaching Program which launched today, and it’s a program that I encourage YOU to join! If you’re ready to get out of your rut, feel better, take your life back, and start achieving your…

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Fight Fire with Fire: Purging Your Weaker Side with the Flames of Self-Power!

fight fire with fire

Trapped behind all of your excuses lies a volcano of personal molten energy, and that’s the power supply you need to tap. In order to break through these walls of self-limiting beliefs, a new attitude of personal recognition must be born—the recognition of personal power. You witnessed glimpses of your personal power in those isolated…

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Keep It Heavy: Personal Growth Through Resistance


In order to put on solid muscle, you gotta lift weight. Motion by itself won’t cut it because muscle growth only happens as a result of muscle stimulation. The only way to do that is to keep throwing plates on the bar. And, the heavier the weight, the more muscle fibers you use—and the more…

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Seize Your Throne: Taking Back the Rulership of Your Life


Whether it’s fear of failure, insecurity about your own abilities, or a sense of guilt that tells you that you don’t deserve your dreams, you must declare war against what is resisting you from ascending to your throne. Time is running out, and your future awaits the royal edicts that will steer your life into everything you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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Iron Blood: The Warrior’s Way to Personal Strength

Iron Blood

Happy thoughts don’t create the kind of warriors we see in stories like Rocky, Rudy, Braveheart, or 300. Happy thoughts don’t inspire sacrifice, or move the wounded warrior to disregard his pain in order to win the day. For that, you need something higher. Something greater than yourself. Learn how.

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Turning Your Laziness into Ass-Kicking Action


Learn to maximize your time, and you’ll transform boredom into building something for yourself. A bored person is a directionless person. A bored person is basically a slave. They have no greater expectation than living on the plantation of “just getting by” and have no intent to maximize their gifts, talents, and abilities.

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