Seizing Opportunities: The Real Key to Success (Video)

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Here’s a simple, faster way to feel more empowered about creating the life that you want. Once you discover that key to “fixing you” is not looking “inside yourself” to find out why you’re failing, but it’s to look “outside yourself” in seizing the opportunities that will unlock your personal power and put you on the fast track to achieving your goals.

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How to Win the Battle of the Mind


A war is defined as a state of armed conflict between two opposing sides, and when it comes to your mind, this war is non-stop. Everyday, a new battle ensues on a new battlefront, but the question is which side of your mind has declared war, and which side is defending itself? Winning the battle of the mind is tedious, but the process is simple. Don’t allow the intimidation you’ve experienced in the past keep you from unleashing hell on who you used to be!

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The Power of Focus to Create What You Want (Video)

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Look at what preceded some of your failures, and you’ll find your adversary, broken focus. Look for the times you quit, and you’ll see how the demons of distraction brought you down by poisoning your mind with a thousand temptations. It’s the diversions of life that weaken your resolve, and it’s the power of focus that makes you the master of your future.

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The Less You Live in the Past, The More You Won’t Recognize Your Future


The past can haunt you, and for some of us, it feels like these ghosts can never be expelled from our minds. For many of us, the haunting continues, and the future we see for ourselves will always include the painful spirits created by what happened to us.

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How to Become More Self-Disciplined (Video)

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If you’re going to achieve anything in life, you’ll need self-discipline to do it. Imagine if you lived that way all the time? Imagine if you were less lazy and less likely to put things off. How different would your life be? Discover how to create more self-discipline in your own life. Watch now!

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Defeating the Discouragement That Makes You Quit (Video)

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More than depression, stress, or anxiety, discouragement is one of the main reasons why people give up on their goals and settle for who they are and what they have. You must overcome it! Watch this powerful video.

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Dispelling the Darkness of Fear (Video)

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There is but one force that paralyzes people, and it is fear; and fear is an emotion caused by belief—a belief that by doing something, we’ll experience some form of pain. Discover powerful tools to help you understand your fears and overcome them!

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Understanding the Trials of Life (Video)

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If you were to plan your life’s path, there is no doubt you would’ve steered clear of all the hell you went through. The reality is that some of those trials chiseled some of your better features. Watch this video to discover powerful and effective ways to deal with the trials of life.

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Discovering the Power of Your Dreams (Video)

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When my second son, Joseph, was eight years-old, he taught me one of the most powerful lessons on achievement that I ever learned. He’s twenty-six now, and he’s still living and pursuing the dream he had when he was just a boy. BUT, in a brief moment many years ago, he said something that revolutionized the way I thought about dreams. I’m still amazed at how a small boy could drop such mind-blowing truth.

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You May Be Close to the Greatest Change in Your Life (Video)

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Your greatest season is still ahead of you, but you’ll never experience it unless you understand this simple, but profound, truth that revolutionized my own life, and I know it will do the same for you. Watch this powerful free video.

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