“If your mind is strong, your circumstances don’t matter.”

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Destroy Negativity, Dominate Your Thoughts, and Release Your Creative Power!

When it comes to improving your life, the most important area is your mind, which means the way you think. If you can change your thought life, then you can truly change your physical life and the way you feel. That’s because both body and emotions always follow whatever occupies your consistent thoughts.

THEREFORE… Let’s get you dominating your mind!

With my new series on Mastering Your Mind, you’ll discover effective methods to break negative thought habits, strengthen your mind, live more at peace, put an end to your confusion, discover the power of visualization, learn to meditate, become more focused, and start releasing the creative power of your mind. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Take a few minutes right now to see what’s included in Mastering Your Mind and listen to a FREE audio sample from each subject. I guarantee these will whet your appetite for what’s in store for you when you purchase this audio album.

Series #1 - Mindset (10 MP3 Messages)

A mindset is an established set of attitudes held by you about yourself, life, and others. Imagine it like a collection of cabinets in your mind filled with your attitudes about everything and everyone you experience. If we can change what’s in these cabinets, then we can change the entire way you look at life. This is the secret to real life transformation. This one series is worth the price of the entire album! Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #2 - Breaking the Bands of Your Thought Habits (5 MP3 Messages)

The most confining prison is the prison of the mind, and if I had to reduce “self-improvement” to one area it would be the discipline, control, and harnessing of the mind. The quickest way to turnaround your life is to take control of your mind, because even in bad circumstances, your mind can still create a paradise if you’re dominating your thoughts. It’s when our thoughts are permitted to run wild that we experience not only our problems but the negativity that goes with it. In this series, you’ll discover powerful methods to breaking the power of negative thoughts over you. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #3 - How to Change Your Thought Life (5 MP3 Messages)

We KNOW that our thought life controls our physical life because our emotions and our bodies will follow the direction of whatever consistently dominates our minds. Therefore, if you change your thinking, you can completely transform your life. Remember, it’s not your circumstances that are bad, it’s what you think and believe about your circumstances that makes it really bad. If we allow our thinking to be continually bent towards the negative, we can easily turn setbacks into endless misery. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #4 - The Power of Visualization (5 MP3 Messages)

Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” Isn’t that what we usually say when someone tells us something extraordinary? We need to see it for ourselves? Well, guess what? It’s true. You DO only believe what you see, but it’s not only with your physical eyes. You believe only what you see with your inner eyes as well. What are your inner eyes? It’s the eyes your mind—your imagination. It’s the visual part of your brain that is always creating images and stories that you come to believe whether good or bad. Whether positive or negative. Whether helpful or destructive. Your beliefs create your reality, and your beliefs are the result of what you see. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #5 - How to Release the Creative Power of Your Mind (5 MP3 Messages)

The purpose of this series is to discover how to have a more powerful connection between our minds and the possibilities that lie in the universe. There are solutions to your problems. There are answers waiting to be discovered. Getting there begins with understanding the creative power of your mind. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #6 - Keys to Mental Mastery (5 MP3 Messages)

Why do we struggle with controlling our thought life? It’s because our “self-talk” is on auto-pilot most of the time, and we’re not being proactive about creating the right conversations in our head. This gives you a hint as to the real secret of mental mastery. It’s going on the offensive by being intentional about the direction and content of your self-talk. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #7 - Meditation: Creating a Stronger Mind to Live a Better Life (5 MP3 Messages)

Whether you take time out each day to meditate, you’re actually meditating all the time, but it may not be in a way that’s beneficial to you. The more we contemplate something, the bigger it becomes in our minds. So much so that it begins to distort our perception of reality. An otherwise simple problem becomes “the end of the world” because we exaggerate it in our minds. The very same thing could be accomplished in a positive sense, but the determining factor is the “center of our mind,” and that’s where my emphasis will be placed in this series. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #8 - The Power of Focus to Create What You Want (5 MP3 Messages)

Look at what preceded some of your failures, and you’ll find your adversary, broken focus. Look for the times you quit, and you’ll see how the demons of distraction brought you down by poisoning your mind with a thousand temptations. It’s the diversions of life that weaken your resolve, and it’s the power of focus that makes you the master of your future. If you can purge the unwanted remains of what distracts you, you can purify your mind for achievement. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #9 - To Succeed, You Must Be Single-Minded (5 MP3 Messages)

We have the power of reason which enables to consider options, dangers, and measure whether we’re willing to sacrifice for the object of our desire. The problem is that our fears overwhelm and block our focus, so we quickly turn away from what we thought we wanted in order to pursue the path of least resistance. If you truly want something, then you’ll have to go after it with a hell of a lot more effort than you have in the past. You can do it, you just think the sacrifice is too great, and you’re assuming you won’t follow through on the commitment—so why bother, right? You must become single-minded! Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #10 - Tough-Minded: What It Takes to Beat Life (5 MP3 Messages)

Despite what other “motivational” gurus might tell you, life is going to keep bringing you bad days, difficult seasons, and trying times. It’s inevitable. That’s why I constantly tell people, “You must commit yourself to personal development. Why? It’s because of what’s coming!” And if I had to reduce personal development, or self-improvement, down to a single item, it would be creating personal strength, and that’s achieved by developing a strong mind. Listen to a clip from this series...

Series #11 - Six Ways to Build Your Mental Strength (5 MP3 Messages)

I can honestly say that over 90% of the issues people write to me about could be overcome by having one thing: a strong mind. There’s no circumstance, or situation, that you’ll ever face that can’t be met and overcome by having mental strength. It is really is the secret to everything, although I wouldn’t call it a secret so much as some people overlook. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could finally rely on yourself? How good would it be if you were able to create what you never thought possible because you’re now stronger in your mind than what you’re facing in life? Listen to a clip from this series...

For a limited time, you can get this entire series of 60 audio messages on 11 subjects (8+ hours) for only $47.00 (Reg. $97.00)

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