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Introducing my Life Domination Coaching Program!
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People get stuck in life. It’s the number one thing I hear from those who write me. They get in a rut and can’t seem to break out. They’re always hoping for something to change, but nothing ever does. They’re wishing for something better, but figuring out how to get it—and where to start—overwhelms them.

What do they do? They try to pacify themselves by coming to terms with where they’ve settled in life. They decide it’s better to make peace with mediocrity than experience what they THINK is more painful—and that is paying the price to live the life they truly want.

 Trying to Get by on “Motivational Quotes”

I have tens of thousands of people just like this following me on social media. They write in and tell me things like, “C. J., your posts really helped me through a bad season,” or, “I love your daily quotes—they help me get by.”CJ Cards 600x600 Comfort Zone

That’s great, and I love to hear that, but it also concerns me. Here’s why...

Motivational quotes are great inspirational boosts, but they WON’T change your life. Motivational videos, or postcards, are great reminders, but they WON’T give you what you say you’ve always wanted!

If someone is relying upon inspirational quotes, it means they’re only trying to keep tolerating a life they don’t like. They’re only looking for enough motivation to get through another bad day.

Their lives remain the same. Nothing ever changes. They never lose weight. They never improve their relationships. They never get another job. And they never make any more money. They only repeat the past.

If Something Doesn’t Change in Your Life, You’re Going to Repeat Your Past

Maybe this is you. Financially, you’re making the same money or less. Vocationally, you’re still doing a job you hate, or your business isn’t growing. Relationally, you’re just hanging on to another person you love but things aren’t going anywhere.

Or maybe you’re still struggling with the same bad habits, or the same negative attitude. Maybe you’re easily stressed out, or are still struggling with the same emotional hangups.

What’s the problem? It’s that you’ve gone as far as you can with the resources you have. If you’re going to move to your next level, you’re going to have to obtain new resources and new methods of personal change.

You don’t need more motivation. You need to commit yourself to personal development. You don’t need another inspirational quote, or video. What you need is a systematic, topic-based, program for personal development.

I’ve Created a Simple, Easy, Effective—and Inexpensive—Way to Help You Experience Real Achievement and Lasting Change!

Finally, there’s a way that you and I can work together without you having to pay costly hourly rates for personal coaching. After 5 years of trying to help people online, it was plain to see that something had to change. Here’s why:

  • Facebook was limiting the reach of my posts, so it was getting more difficult to reach my followers.
  • Because my postings were “free,” any one could comment, and a lot of those people were just wasting my time.
  • I wanted to spend more time with the people that mattered—the ones who were serious about personal change and wanted to work with me.
  • I kept asking myself, “How can I help people experience real and lasting change in a way that’s inexpensive for them and me?”

I have a solution! I’ve created a simple online-based program to work only with the people that are serious about changing their lives and are willing to invest in it!

A Simple, Effective, Inexpensive Way to Transform Your Life! Introducing my “Life Domination Coaching Program”

The Life Domination Coaching Program is the answer I’ve been looking for—and it just may be the answer you need. It’s a creative, effective way for you to experience real achievement and lasting change!

And, you can participate for just $19.97 per month—that’s less than 70 cents per day! Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 5 videos each week (one per day Monday-Friday) on one topic.
  • Membership in a private Facebook group.
  • Direct interaction with me answering your questions.
  • Direct support from others just like you—committed, encouraging trolls!

Watch a sample from the Life Domination Online Coaching Program!

Topics will include everything from mindset to relationships—from goal-setting to health and fitness. The objective is to transform the totality of your life! And, you'll have an easy-to-follow means of getting there. All you have to do is sign up and show up!

Imagine having the support of a group of mutually-committed people to help you stay on course to experience real achievement and lasting change. Imagine being able brainstorm with others to help you troubleshoot your own life and business. Isn’t all that worth a whole lot more than $19.97?

And since this all takes place on Facebook, you don't have to download any apps, or learn anything new. If you can check your Facebook on your smartphone, then you can participate in this program!

What Participants in the Life Domination Online Coaching Program are Saying!

“With a winning combination of C.J.s wisdom and the crowd of fellow members, this program really gets the heart pumping with hope and motivation no matter your goals.” ~ Jennapher Lawson

“The life domination online coaching program is the safe harbor you need or the kick in the ass you need. The magic is that it is both at the same time.” ~ Eddie Curnan

“This Coaching Program is an amazing life changer and well worth the investment. The knowledge is practical and the fellow Dominators are so supportive and solution driven. No pity, no judgment, just straight talk about working on all types of problems.” ~ Patty Laney

“The Life Domination Course is about regaining control of your life, through a variety of weekly subjects. It’s about taking you from a helpless victim mentality to one of a conqueror mentality. If you feel as though life is happening to you, rather than you happening to it this course will help you to achieve that.” ~ Neil Pinnock

“The life domination course is a great tool to help you take back the reigns of your mind and actions and to start creating the life you want instead of reacting to the fatalism you may think is your bad lot. Not only that but the group and discussions offer motivation and the chance to interact with positive proactive people also seeking to change. Iron really does sharpen iron!” ~ Luke Bernard

“The Life Domination Program has changed my life in so many ways. I truly feel stronger because of Cj’s advice and the support of the amazing members of this group.I’m still a work in progress, but I don’t have to talk myself into feeling stronger and happier, it really has happened. My family and I are just so grateful!” ~ Jamie Baxa-Golz

“Life Domination Online Coaching lives up to the title, equipping you with practical tools to blast through your barriers and reach your potential. The videos will keep you focused and the group will keep you motivated, inspired, and accountable.” ~ Jason Brooks

“The Life Domination program has helped me deal with a variety of issues. The best part is the group pushes you as well. You can work at your own pace with this, everything is archived so if you need a break, or are working on something else it’s right there waiting. Trust me, it’s worth your time!” ~ Mark Alderson

“The Online Coaching Program has shown me how to both dominate and conquer not only life hurdles but my destiny and what I want for me and my family!” ~ Kyle Puga

“No matter where your destination is, the online coaching programme will provide you with realistic, no bullshit methods to help you on your way.” ~ Graham Keane

“From Monday’s introductory episode to Friday’s final conclusions, these videos are no-nonsense guidelines on how to drift through the life`s numerous challenges. Moreover, the support group of fellow drifters aka Dominators, it makes each and every week better. Thank you CJ for all your effort in creating these excellent videos. Much appreciated.” ~ Jiri Dolezal

“The daily material promotes mental hygiene without the use of harsh chemicals or snake-oils.” ~ Jay Weisskopf

“If it’s your OWN ass that needs kicking I’d highly recommend joining CJ’s Online Coaching Program. The videos are killer and the people are wise and supportive!” ~ Nick Layton

“Warning: if you sign-up, you will become addicted to CJ Ortiz and the message and mission he shares.” ~ Tony Rubleski

“The online coaching program is a wonderful. C.J. posts great videos that have helped me have a greater understanding of myself in this world. Watching the videos is not enough. You have to put in time outside of the videos dedicated to practicing the principals he’s shared!” ~ Erik Kolb

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Once you register, you'll be billed automatically each month. It's that easy. AND, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked!


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