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A Self-Improvement System You Can Take With You Wherever You Go.

60 Messages (MP3s) on 12 Subjects + a FREE Bonus of 56 Additional Messages! Scroll Down to Listen to FREE Audio Samples from Each Series!


These audio messages are exactly what you need to transform your life, and I’ve made them very inexpensive (80% off). Here’s what you’ll receive:

11 hours of teaching on personal development on 60 mp3s. It’s 12 subjects containing 5 messages each, so listening is easy. No long, drawn out lectures. These are broken up into short, targeted messages that are easily digested and feature action steps that you can implement today!

PLUS… I’ve included 56 additional mp3s for FREE! These are short 3-5 minute inspirational messages created for radio, and I even use them myself for a quick boost to my attitude! I’m just going to give them to you!

What’s in The Life Domination Series? Just scroll down and see… and you can listen to a FREE sample from each!

“Thank you, CJ. You gave me the greatest gift I could ever get with your podcasts: the ability to return to the woman I used to be. I will never be able to repay you. Thank you!” ~ Tara S.

Mindcrime Product Image

Operation Mindcrime:
Getting the Edge Over Your Head

The mind is the power center of your life, because if you can control your mind, you can control your life. How you feel, what you do, and how far you’ll go are all determined by your thoughts and the patterns of your thinking. This makes controlling and using your mind the most important part of your experiencing real achievement and lasting change. That’s why I created this special series. In it, you’ll discover simple but powerful methods to dominating your mind, casting out negative thinking, and then releasing the creative power of your imagination. You’ll definitely want this series, and since it’s in an mp3 format, you’ll be able to take it with you as you drive, exercise, or do your work. Here’s what you’ll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. Getting the Edge Over Your Head
  2. Controlling Your Mind
  3. The Creative Power of Your Mind
  4. Expanding Your Mind Power
  5. The Ultimate Brainwash

Listen to a sample of Operation Mindcrime: Getting the Edge Over Your Head

“CJ, you have no idea how much of an honor it would be for me to sit down and have a conversation with the guy who has changed my total outlook on life completely!” ~ Lyndsay

Metal on Metal Product ImageMetal on Metal: The Power of the Daily Grind

If you despise Mondays, and celebrate Fridays, then you don’t understand “the power of everyday.” What’s the power of everyday? It’s the sheer force of you being motivated as hell to grind out your life plans in a consistent daily routine because you see each day as an opportunity instead of a drudgery.

We must learn the power of everyday—that each 24 hour period accumulates to achieve great things when we place greater importance on them. It’s not just “Monday.” It’s a 24 hour period of pure opportunity. We must “dress up” our everydays. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. The Power of Everyday
  2. Stop Hating Your Own Life
  3. Each Day Must Be Dressed to Kill
  4. Pursue Labor Not Leisure
  5. Maximize Your Time

Click to hear a sample of Metal on Metal: The Power of the Daily Grind

“Dude, where in the hell do you come up with this insightful, inspiring, powerful talk?! This is just too awesome and very, VERY helpful. THANK YOU CJ!! METAL UP m/” ~ Brandon

Powerslave Product ImagePowerslave: Discovering the Force Within

Lurking within the depths of your soul is vast ocean of power that if fully released, would create ten times more than what you’re presently experiencing. This is power we all need to tap. It’s the unstoppable life force that can bring you even greater rewards.

We all possess this reservoir of personal power within us, but it just needs to be released, and releasing that power depends upon two things: determination and hunger. Learn how to cultivate this in your own life and watch yourself become relentless in pursuing your goals or making serious personal changes. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. Discovering the Force Within
  2. The Determination of a Dog
  3. Hell Week
  4. Staying Hungry
  5. Get Addicted

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“Wow, I just stumbled across this, and I can obviously see that you don’t need me to tell you how incredible this is, but here goes any way: this is life changing incredible!” ~ Kelly

Shout Product Image

Shout at the Devil: Controlling Your Darker Side

Every bad habit can be broken—millions of people have done it, and so can you. This devil on your shoulder is nothing more than an old cassette tape that’s recorded what every critical person has ever said about you whether they were family, friend, or stranger. You believed them; and when you did, their opinions became forever embedded on the soundtrack of your mind.

But, guess what? It’s just a recording. It ain’t even real! It’s just a voice with no power whatsoever to fulfill its negative prophecies. The power resides with you and today is the day that you’ll start playing a new soundtrack. It’s time to shout at the devil, and put your better side in charge. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. The Seeds of Self-Destruction
  2. Don't Let the Pain Eat You Alive
  3. Eliminating the Fear that You Create
  4. Understanding the Trials of Life
  5. Stopping Negative Self-Talk

Listen to a sample of Shout at the Devil: Controlling Your Darker Side

“What your doing/have done is one of the greatest things I’ve encountered on this earth thus far on my journey!” ~ Mike

Sharpening Product ImageSharpening Your Axe:
Working Smarter Instead of Harder

You often hear that "consistency is the key to success," and that is an important aspect of personal achievement. But, consistency is not enough. It's not enough to simply "never give up." You need something much more than that. You need wisdom.

A dull axe requires many strokes, and wisdom is like using a sharp axe. If you try to chop a tree down with a dull axe, you can do so "if you never give up." But, can do anything with the shambles of wood afterwards? Not really. A sharp axe cuts it down faster, and you can do something with the wood afterwards.

We don’t necessarily need to work harder to achieve. We need to operate in wisdom in order to maximize our situation and exploit opportunities. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. Work With Wisdom
  2. Work Will Create Your Desired Future
  3. Seizing Opportunities
  4. Its Your Plans Not Your Dreams That Come True
  5. Invest In Your Own Human Capital

Listen to a sample of Sharpening Your Axe: Working Smarter Instead of Harder

“I am still up, and I am still buzzing! I have downloaded every one of your podcasts I could find. I am getting ready to take it to the next level, dude! I WILL NOT SUCK!” ~ Siobhan

Ace o Spades Product ImageAce of Spades: You Weren't Born to Lose

Nobody can say they were “dealt the wrong cards.” Everyone has been dealt the wrong cards at some point. The issue is how you react to what life brings you. If your self-image is that you were “born to win,” then you’ll react in a way that sees those wrong cards as something to overcome and learn from. If you believe you were “born to lose,” then you’ll see those cards as further evidence of the fact that you’re a born loser and nothing ever works for you.

We must put an end to fatalism. Some believe they can’t escape their dark clouds, or the failures represented in their own families. They think there’s a fate from which they can’t escape. Others, operate in a different type of fatalism: if there’s any area of life that doesn’t have some kind of plan, you’re operating fatalistically. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. Is Your Future Already Determined?
  2. Start Controlling Your Future
  3. Moving Past Magical Thinking
  4. Fatalism Ends Where Planning Begins
  5. Were You Born to Lose?

Listen to a sample of Ace of Spades: You Weren't Born to Lose

“CJ, man, you’re empowering. Pure brilliance.” ~ Jasmine

Armed & Dangerous Product ImageArmed & Dangerous:
Preparing Yourself for Success

Self-equipping is the name of the game when it comes to lasting achievement and personal transformation. We need to prepare ourselves through self-education, relentless focus, and seizing opportunities.

You have the ability to make yourself armed and dangerous by building a strong core that can withstand crisis and give you the kind of focus that burns through obstacles. It's about getting yourself ready for maximum living. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. Building a Strong Core
  2. How to Take Your Life to the Next Level
  3. Preparation + Opportunity = Success
  4. You Will Fail Without Focus
  5. Two Ingredients for Maximum Living

Listen to a sample of Armed & Dangerous: Preparing Yourself for Success

“CJ, your words inspire me; I am addicted to your show.” ~ Cheryl

Blood Road Product ImageBlood Road: The Real Path to Achievement

Life is simple, but it’s hard work, and people look for magical answers because they want the easy way of short cuts. Some people do win the lottery, but that’s a huge risk to take when we’re talking about your life. It’s better to use the proven principles of achievement: hard work, planning, consistency, and self-discipline.

People are afraid of the cost of real achievement and lasting change, but it doesn't need to be so intimidating. Once you learn how to release your own motivation, and your own personal power, you'll find yourself hauling ass down the road of achievement. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. The Hard Way is the Only Way
  2. The Quickest Way is the Longest Road
  3. Follow Your Bliss
  4. The Power of Personal Discovery, Part 1
  5. The Power of Personal Discovery, Part 2

Listen to a sample of Blood Road: The Real Path to Achievement

“Your posts mean a lot to me. There are times I feel like you keep me alive. Your words are powerful . What you do for me and others has no price. This is a service in which no other has provided. Keep it up my brother you will be written about in history books!” ~ Matthew

Tormented Product ImageTormented: Escaping Your Living Hell

Some people are experiencing a living hell. They daily endure the torments of confusion, stress, and depression. When confusion reigns, you can't focus or find direction—you dwell aimlessly. During times of stress, you wear your mind and body down as you try and resist the pressures of life. And when depression comes, it's beyond difficult to climb out of the hole of sadness.

These are ways to escape the flames of your torment, and they're not as difficult as you might think. It takes effort, but the principles are simple. You'll discover these principles in this powerful series. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. How to Overcome Confusion
  2. How to Handle Stress
  3. Dealing with Depression, Part 1
  4. Dealing with Depression, Part 2
  5. Dealing with Depression, Part 3

Listen to a sample of Tormented: Escaping Your Living Hell

“This is an excellent tool that WORKS, and it is the absolute TRUTH in getting to the bottom of some fundamental coping skills needed for healing, growth and success. You are to us a friend, a brother, an uncle, a father and so down to earth.” ~ Stephanie

Domination Product ImageDomination: Making Life Work for You

Nothing gets done, or accomplished, by accident. Accidents are what happen to you, but accomplishments are what you make happen when you utilize your own “human technology” to make life work for you.

The goal is to put you back in the manager's position of controlling your life, and that means building your confidence; learning how life works; changing the way you think, and releasing the tremendous power of pursuit. When you understand and apply the proven principles of life domination, you won't need to lean on others or institutions. You'll be in control. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. How to Work Life
  2. The Secret to Changing Your Life
  3. How to Build Self-Confidence
  4. Renovating Your Mind
  5. Discovering the Power of Pursuit

Listen to a sample of Domination: Making Life Work for You

“I’ve come to love CJ Ortiz for what he stands for. He has a bad-ass approach, at times biblical, and believe it or not, that’s okay with me. Here’s a man that defines the human condition by separating the ice-cream from the bullshit. I’m all about metal, but I’d listen to CJ metal or not. He’s the real deal, the genuine article.” ~ Scottie

Metal Up Product ImageMetal Up!
Personal Strength in a Messed Up World

This is about more than helping people achieve material success. It's about helping to create a stronger people. Why? The world is a messed up place. It's unfair and merciless. The world is not what a lot of self-help gurus say it is—it's not your oyster.

And there are no answers in politics. The answers are in each one of us as well learn to be courageous; live with inner-strength; cast aside laziness, and get a clear vision for where we're going. If you want to destroy your personal weakness and start building your personal power, then this series is for you. Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. The Revolution of You
  2. Finding Courage in Adversity
  3. Get a Vision and You Will Get a Life
  4. 3 Keys to Inner-Strength
  5. Destroying Laziness

Listen to a sample of Metal Up! Personal Strength in a Messed Up World

“C.J., everyday I look forward to your posts. You motivate me more than anything or anyone I have ever known. Your words just seem to kick me in my ass and say JUST DO IT!” ~ Trilene

Wisdom Product ImageWisdom: The Key to Controlling Your Life

Most failures are the result of bad decisions, and anyone who routinely makes bad decisions is someone who lacks wisdom. That's why they can never get control of their future. They just keep repeating the past. Wisdom comes from the past—your past, as well as the past of others—but it determines the future.

There are numerous definitions for wisdom such as soundness of mind, having experience, or good judgment. These are all included in the concept of wisdom, but they fall short in the most important aspect of wisdom: action. And without action, you’re failure is guaranteed! Here's what you'll receive (5 audio mp3s):

  1. Without Wisdom You Will Fail
  2. How to Predict the Future
  3. Why You Must Improve Your Life
  4. How to Create a Better Future for Yourself
  5. Stop Living by the Past

Listen to a sample of Wisdom: The Key to Controlling Your Life

“Why the hell EVERYBODY doesn’t get into C.J. is beyond my understanding! If you don’t take note of this, then you are seriously missing out on great things in your life.” ~ Rick

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