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Work With Yourself


You have to work with yourself. You are your own best coach. You are your own best therapist. So, keep things relatively simple. It's going to be painful because you're going to learn new habits, new habits of thought, new habits of dealing with yourself, but you must work with yourself. I want to encourage you not to try and rely upon other people or other things for relief. I want you to rely more and more upon yourself to know that no matter how bad things get, you have the confidence that you can deal with yourself, that when you do start to feel down, you'll recognize what it is, you won't exaggerate it, and you will look at it objectively. You're a smart person, you can troubleshoot, you can problem solve, and you can do what's needed to get it done. The resources and information are there. The solutions are often very practical. You can do this.