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Whine or Work, Bitch or Build

Whenever we come up against life’s resistance, we have two options: we can whine, or we can work. We can bitch, or we can build.


The only way to defeat life’s resistance is by work—by continuing to build no matter what storms are blowing.


This is the force of consistency—when you keep at your daily disciplines regardless of what others do, or don’t do, and no matter the social, cultural, or political environment may be.


They don’t affect you anymore because you no longer place your expectations there. Your expectations are reserved only for you. You are the responsible one, and your response should always be work.


Now, when I say, “Work,” I don’t mean just going to your job. Everything requires work. Thinking is work. Developing yourself is work. Guarding your attitude is work. Everything involves work.


For too many of us, work truly has become a four-letter word, but in actuality, it’s one of the greatest, and most powerful things we have.


• Work is how we create.

• Work is how we develop.

• Work is how change.

• Work is how we build.


Do we honestly think that complaining can create, develop, change, or build? You’d think so based upon the way society is behaving.