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When You’re Feeling Down

We all have seasons where we feel down, where we're less vibrant, less resilient, not enthusiastic, just not happy. You may feel powerless, but truth be told, you are not powerless. There are a lot of things that you can do to help offset or ease some measure of that pain. And the most important thing to realize is it's just feelings. Feelings change. Feelings come and go. Feelings are determined by so many factors in our life, everything from what we think about, how we interpret our life, the food we eat, the amount of sleep we get, exercise, and the like. All of these things go together to make up a lifestyle that can cause us to drift into seasons of feeling down, a mild depression if you will. And maybe that's where you are. So, the objective here is to try and alleviate some of that and to get you to better understand your psychology, your patterns, the way that you think, the way that you operate, and the way that you function so that you'll feel more dominant. And that's what I want for you, is to feel stronger and more dominant; to feel like you have a better grasp and control over your life.