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What I Mean By Sacred

We have a sacred duty to ourselves to maximize all that we are, all that we can do, for a purpose greater than ourselves. And it’s sacred because it does make a difference in the world. If I went to the strict materialism, then there is no sacred and there is no duty. But by fulfilling your calling, maximizing your abilities and interests, being committed to the things that you're passionate about, making them more, and making a difference in the world, that's your duty. That's where our purpose is born from. That's why it's sacred. It makes the world a better place and you a better person. And what you'll find is you'll start to lose those certain loser relationships and will find healthier relationships. You’re going to get tired of dealing with people who aren’t fulfilling their direction or purpose in life, that are just interested in complaining, gossiping, and doing nothing with their life. You’ll say I know I've been friends with them half my life, but I don't want that anymore. I'm serious about my life. And I want to be around people that are serious about life so that we can inspire each other.