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Trapping Ourself

If we don’t walk in the “gatekeeper mentality,” then we create a vicious cycle of allowing things in that will fester and grow which we will later spew out of our mouths and attitudes. This is how we get trapped.


So, if you are fretful and worried, then you know have allowed these things in your life.


As we said previously, fretfulness is a general emotional state from which we approach everything. We become agitated and sensitive about everything, and whenever we encounter a difficult situation, we get worked up about it.


This is a troubled heart, but we created it. In other words, we can’t blame it on politics, people, our race, gender, etc.


Worry is more of a mental thing—it’s something on your mind. It’s something that can be rationally stated. Fretfulness is a general emotional state, but the worry is specific.


Anxiety, as I said, is a combination of the two, but we have to deal with fretting and worrying first.