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The Power of Gratefulness to Heal

There is power in gratefulness.


Gratefulness means that we show appreciation and thankfulness for anything that does not come by our own effort—and there’s a lot of that!


And gratefulness heals because false expectations are a wound. After all, we complain about what hurts us.


Gratefulness is something we express, which means the power to heal ourselves is completely in our hands.


One thing I’ve learned about nutrition is that someone needs to get their body healthy first before they’re concerned about losing weight. You could lose weight but still be unhealthy, and a healthy body will naturally burn fat.


A good nutritionist will have you heal your organs and balance your system before they focus you exclusively on weight loss or muscle building.


It’s the same with success and gratefulness.


You shouldn’t focus on success until you first adjust your attitude. You must make it healthy and that begins with practicing gratefulness.


If you believe that you cannot maximize your life because of others, or your circumstances, then you’ve misplaced your expectations.


When you take the expectations off of society and others, then you must replace it with gratitude for all the things you didn’t create or supply.


That would be an endless list of things!


This is practicing gratefulness, and it’s something you should do daily until your mind is transformed, and it becomes your permanent belief system.


You would be healed of so much this way.