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The Gatekeeper

There are three levels of a troubled heart: to be fretful, to be worried, and to be anxious.


We have the potential to deal with all three of these at all times.


What’s important to note is that just because you worry, or are fretful, from time to time, does not make you a weak person. People with great responsibility have good reason to be overcome with concern—especially when it involves things that are outside of one’s control.


However, we need to be aware of these things because they can undermine our success and progress.


This is why I live by a fundamental principle that I am the overseer, or gatekeeper, of my life. What I allow in, comes in. Why I refuse to allow in, does not.


The problem that most people have is that they don’t walk with that sort of awareness. They just let life happen. They just let whatever comes in stay in their hearts and minds.


This process, however, is two-fold. First, we need to guard against what tries to enter our hearts and minds, but second, we need to guard against what comes out of us too.


For example, if you have bitterness, meanness, anger, negativity, doubt, or anything else, coming out of your mouth, then you know that your heart is full of those things.


There’s a verse that says, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” In other words, what we say is an indicator of what’s in our hearts.


If we can deal with those things that try to enter in quickly, then we can get rid of them before they take root. Like weeds and unwanted foliage, the longer you wait, the deeper and stronger the roots grow.