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The Dog Fight

Life is a war and each day is a battle. That’s how merciless life can be. It doesn’t let up. It just keeps coming. Yet, for some reason, we think there will be easier days ahead if we just had enough money, just had the right job, just looked the right way, just had the ideal relationship.


The old saying goes, “Higher levels, bigger devils.” In other words, there’s no letting up in the dog fight of life. Sure, a lot can get easier, but something else will happen…


1. If you get those things you want, then what? Will you stop working so hard? If so, guess what happens? Life comes back at you with struggle, heartache, setbacks, and more and it brings friends with it!


2. If you get those things you want, but then you push yourself to even greater things, then you’ll meet up with life’s resistance again, since life won’t lay out the red carpet for you.


All to say, the battle’s are here to stay. Sure, you’re going to have lots of great times too, but life’s just that way.


However, you can grow in your personal strength and those battles won’t affect you emotionally like they used to, and that’s goal when it comes to self-improvement or personal growth.


The goal is always to create a stronger you.


What is a dog fight? It’s a “ferocious struggle for supremacy.”


That’s the big question? Who or what has supremacy over you?


* Does junk food have supremacy over you?

* Does anger have supremacy over you?

* Does porn have supremacy over you?

* Does self-defeat have supremacy over you?

* Does negativity have supremacy over you?

* Does a bad habit have supremacy over you?

* Do other people have supremacy over you?


No matter what you’re struggling against, the real fight is with yourself, isn’t it? It’s not people that have supremacy over you, it’s your belief about what they think, say, or do that gives them power over you.


You see, the problem for us is that life is fighting against us ferociously, but we’re not meeting that resistance with equal ferocity.


As I like to say, “Life is merciless, so show no mercy!”


If you truly want to experience real achievement and lasting change, then you’re going to have to win the daily battles—at least as much of them as you can—and this is where you focus your efforts.


Sometimes, we get so consumed with where we want to be that lose sight of the importance of right now. We lose sight of the fact that there is no future until you learn to master the moment—until you learn to master your state of mind. And THIS is a dog fight!