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Technique Over Strength

Today, I want to talk about the struggle itself, which we’ll define as “striving to attain something in the face of difficulty or resistance,” and that which we’re after is supremacy.


So think of the main things you’re fighting against.


* Is it your body?

* Is it your emotions?

* Is it your relationships?

* Is it your finances?

* Is it your career?

* Is it your stress?

* Is it your depression?


Gaining supremacy in any of these areas comes down to the same thing: winning the daily struggles in which life is trying to keep you down and defeated.


The more of these battles you win, the more you’re guaranteed to win the war, and that victory means you’ll be the dominator in every area of your life.


To win in these daily struggles means you’ve got to get stronger, and you’ve got to improve your technique.


Getting stronger we understand, but improving technique is where a lot of people miss it. 


Technique is a “skillful or efficient way of doing or achieving something.”


For example, consider an MMA fighter. They can be strong but have weak technique, and good technique is what wins most battles. When the UFC first started, the Gracies were winning most of the fights because they were so good at Ju Jitsu, but they were fairly scrawny guys.


Here’s some techniques you need to improve in:


1. The technique of self-talk.

2. The technique of visualization.

3. The technique of thought control.

4. The technique of self-control (reactions).

5. The technique of self-discipline.


Self-talk is probably the most important technique to develop because it’s the foundation to all the others. If the constant flow of conversation in your mind is self-supportive and self-edifying, then it becomes much easier to visualize, meditate, and control your emotional responses.


We tend to react to things because we’re already in a state of anxiety, frustration, sadness, or anger.


Therefore, the more we work on our self-talk, the less these things will have the predominance.


Predominance means “being greater in number or amount,” and that’s what happens when we don’t control our self-talk. The greater amount of the conversations going on within us are negative, destructive, or counter productive.


To improve your technique, you have to start directing your self-talk now, and that will require you being overly deliberate at first about this, but you can practice it. 


For example, although I like to listen to music as I’m taking my dogs out, making food and eating, or training, I’ll often use those times to practice my self-talk. #MetalUp 👊💀🤘