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Pushing For A Breakthrough

Self-therapy follows the same model as an actual therapist. If someone has a false belief about something, they still have a reasoning process going on. It's just messed up. And so a breakthrough is when irrational suddenly becomes rational. When you realize you were thinking irrationally about something or someone, and you realize the coin dropped, that you were thinking wrong about something, and suddenly you saw how to think about it correctly. That's a breakthrough. That's a revelation. That's an insight coming to an understanding, coming to an awareness. And that's what therapy does. 


So you can do that yourself, but most people don't. Maybe they're just focused on dealing with negative thoughts. That's okay, but that's not enough. You have to interrogate yourself. You have to spend time again with pen and paper in hand and ask yourself tough questions. And even if what you write down is not true with further interrogation, the real truth is eventually gonna come out. And that's what happens again, in therapy sessions. 


If you keep reacting to stuff all the time, falling into sad times, failing to lose weight, and getting poor results at work, you need a self-therapy session. You have to deal with yourself. It's wrong beliefs and wrong perceptions about relationships, things that you do, and the way that you see yourself that keeps producing poor results. Change it.