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Program Yourself

You can program yourself for anything you want. Your mind might want to go into that negative monologue. It will start with its usual stuff about it never going to work. Everything is against you. I guess I'm always going to be this way. I hate this. This is too hard. It's taking too long. All of that stuff. You can't allow anything negative. Even if it's true, maybe it does take a long time to get what it is that you want, but if you sit there saying it, that's not going to help you. You have to change the way you say and think about it. 


You have to say, no! I'm devouring the time that it takes with absolute determination and passion. I know that my character is growing with every day that I work towards my goal. Every day it gets closer and closer. I am achieving. I am winning, and I'm hungry. I'm hungry for that success. I'm hungry for that achievement. I'm determined to exceed my limitations. I'm not an old dog learning new tricks. I can adjust and change my thinking. I can transform my outlook on life, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. And so, I move forward with boldness and courage and passion, and determination with confidence, knowing that I am the cause that will create the effects that I desire. My goals are coming into view. I am going to achieve every one of them because I'm a champion. I'm wired to be a warrior. I am an overcomer. I will not be defeated, but I will defeat what's in front of me. Like a bulldozer, I will plow through it all on and on and on. 


You keep these sorts of monologues going through your mind, and guess what happens, your feelings will follow your consistent thoughts.