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Proactive Mental Alignment

Working at a desk all day, I have to be proactive to prevent clotting in my feet. For example, I have to keep my ankles moving or raised. And by doing that, I won't end up at the doctor's. It's the same thing with our mentality, the way that we think. If we don't do things every day that stretch our minds, that promote good circulation, then we're going to end up in misalignment. And that means we start to produce poor results. Our performance suffers. We get in bad moods, we get in bad attitudes, and we turn negative. We start the naysaying and criticism and bitterness and the stress and worry and the fear and all of that stuff simply because we weren't maintaining that healthy alignment daily. So that means, again, you have to be proactive about this. Most people are not, and for me, that's probably the most important part of self-improvement, is that you are adjusting yourself every day, working every day on your mind, on your mentality, on your mindset, on your outlooks, to make sure you are seeing and speaking and doing things correctly in a way that's conducive to your growth.