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Power Words

As I said, my goal in this series is to move beyond just stopping negative speaking and learning to speak more positively. The goal is to shift you into POWER WORDS.


What are power words?


* Power means ability.

* Power means authority.

* Power means creativity. (esp. our environment)

* Power means influence.


Today, we’re talking about ability, and how our words need to align with the power we have within us.


The single most powerful statements for failure begin with I CAN’T….


* I can’t figure things out.

* I can’t be a better husband or wife.

* I can’t be consistent with the training and nutrition.

* I can’t afford it.

* I can’t live up to my expectations.


Are the words, “I can’t,” even true? No, they’re not.


Of course, you can. Look at all you’ve done so far. Don’t let your frustration with your circumstances and yourself be your justification for speaking words that limit or diminish your personal power.


Again, POWER means ABILITY, and ability means that you have all that’s needed in order to act powerfully to change any area of your life.


It all begins with using the phrase, “I can,” before anything you say.


* I can solve this problem.

* I can get out of debt.

* I can get the career I want.

* I can lose this weight.

* I can meet the right person.


Start everything with “I can,” and your mind will eventually start to believe it.