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Luxury Makes Us Weak

The absence of hardship defines modern society, in terms of modern medicine, a stable society, democracy, technology, transportation, and all the wonderful things that we have. We just don't have the hardship that previous generations had before us. When I was a kid, I had to wait four to six weeks for delivery. Now, it takes a day or two, and luxuries like this have made us entitled and weak. To combat this we need self-imposed hardship. That means making it a little difficult on yourself. David Goggins, a Navy Seal with a remarkable story, went from a beaten down, overweight, enemy to himself in a dead-end job to the symbol of self-discipline, achievement, and overcoming through self-imposed hardship. If we're going to overcome the weakness that comes from the luxury of the time in which we live, we must begin with the awareness that that's what we can suffer from, and then do what we can daily to impose a kind of hardship, to toughen ourselves up, to become everything that we can be because that's our first duty and sacred obligation.