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Living In Judgement

Life will judge you. Society will judge you. Those close to you are going to judge you. Some say you shouldn’t judge others, but it'd be a terrible, terrible world if there wasn't judgment in it. You don't get to live like a devil and go without judgment. So, don't buy into this nonsense that people tout online all the time, that you should just feel good about yourself for no particular reason at all, that you're supposed to blow sunshine up your ass. And that's what motivation is all about, that’s what feeling good about yourself is all about. No, it isn't. Sometimes you have an objective reason, valid reasons to not feel good about yourself. You shouldn't feel good about poor performance. Therefore, if you truly want to feel good about yourself, it's not about pleasing others, It's about pleasing yourself. And pleasing yourself needs to be based on a standard of judgment. And that standard can't be something you just make up. That standard has to be something objective.