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Learn To Love Work

Work is a good thing, and that's something you need to learn. It's not bad to love work. I'm talking about maximizing your life through the vehicle of work. Work is what proves us. Work is what develops us. Work is what teaches us things. You need work. You need that labor, especially when it comes to developing the things you desire in life. If you look at all the great things that have been achieved in the past, everything is because of work. Nobody's done anything of significance that did not have work attached to it. Learn to love the idea of work. And a great way to do that is by attaching it to something that you love already. So, if you love or have desires or cravings in life, then attach the idea of work to them because you already love those things, but know that they're the end result of happy work. They're the end result of joyful work, the kind of work that you can be invested in, and you won't be watching the clock all the time. You can experience that. It's really not as difficult as you might think, as long as you're focused on things that are productive, and long as you're focused on things that can create the desired outcomes, you're going to learn to love work.