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Interrogate Yourself

Whether it’s a therapist, psychiatrist, or a coach, they are helpful because they can look at you and go by what they see. Is Tiger Woods’s golf coach a better player than Tiger Woods? Absolutely not! So, how can they coach him? Because they know all the principles, they can watch him from the outside where Tiger is making mistakes or where principles are going unapplied. The coach is very helpful with that. 


You can do this for yourself by getting out a pad and pen and start writing things down. Start interrogating yourself. Begin with areas that you're struggling with. Write things out so you can begin to uncover, maybe start asking yourself even that question, where did I get this idea from? How long have I been believing this? And try to figure it out. Maybe you can write down the date when it started, right? Maybe it was a documentary you saw, a book that you read, or your upbringing. But you have to start interrogating yourself because that's exactly what a therapist would do with you.