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Influence By Example

All this week, we’ve been talking about the four things that represent POWER, and they are ability, authority, creativity, and influence. And these are all determined by our words.


* Our words affect our ability when we say, “I can’t,” instead of, “I can.”

* Our words affect our authority when we start to say, “I’m in control.”

* Our words affect our creativity when we affirm who we are and what we have.


And today, our words affect our INFLUENCE when we use them to affect the character, development, thinking, and behavior of others in a positive way.


It goes without saying that this can be used negatively, and it is often done that way. Negative people make more people negative just as positive people can make more people positive.


However, what you don’t want to do is correct others for being negative, because to them, that’s negative. And, you shouldn’t need to do that.


You can’t force people to be positive, so the objective is to INFLUENCE them with your words and actions. Trust me, without dealing with them directly, they will get the message loud and clear, and they can either embrace your example and use it for change or forsake and remain where they are.


Either way, it shouldn’t affect you. You just continue to walk, live, and behave in a way that is powerful and positive and let those who are ready for change pursue you for more information and support.


We are not here to judge others. We are here to set an example.


Therefore, try to be more intentional about how you phrase things around others. Don’t try to exhibit false humility. If you believe in yourself, then speak that way. It’s not arrogant to state your beliefs even if they are about yourself or your confidence in your future.


We also need to be careful of our complaining, because we can be positive about ourselves but negative about the world, and that will also have a negative effect on others.


We can critique our world with a positive spin! #MetalUp 👊💀🤘