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Healing Your Hormones

Have you ever heard the stress is making you sick? The reason being is that everything in your physical body, especially digestion and metabolism, is controlled by your hormones. And if your hormones are out of whack, then there's going to be weight gain, insulin resistance, and all sorts of problems related to stress, and your adrenal glands get affected. And so people have to be literally healed in their adrenals after long seasons of trauma or hardship or stress or what have you. That's why you have got to have time to de-stress. 

You’ve got to have time to get away from it all. It's important for you to do that. You can't keep carrying all the load emotionally that you're carrying. These again, are the things we don't adjust on a daily basis. And they keep building up and building up and building up. And that's why you have so many gut issues and digestive problems. You can't get that weight off because you're constantly releasing cortisol. You want your hormones to be balanced. And so to do that, you have to adjust your attitude daily.