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Fixing Your Own Head

If life keeps defeating you, maybe it’s time you changed the way you perceive life and learn to fix your own head. When it comes to you and I and any form of working on our own heads, performing some self-therapy, the goal is to change our beliefs and perceptions because they can be distorted. Those things can be irrational. You'd be amazed at how many of us are irrational. If you haven't done any work on your own head yourself, you can be irrational. Your perception of your problems is distorted, and your perception of your condition is exaggerated and skewed. You can't even see yourself or your diagnosis properly. So, we must fix our own heads.


Can we be our own therapists? Can we be the best counselors and coaches that we could have? I believe that is the case. Do what you can to get your foundation established with sound thinking and an optimistic outlook, a healthy way of looking at yourself and life without denying things, without denying the negativity of the world, and without denying the reality of your negative or problematic circumstances. Embracing all of those things, but changing the way you see yourself because your best defense in life is a stronger you. And if we can change the way we believe about ourselves, you're going to start attacking your problems in a way like you never have before.