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Feelings Follow Consistent Thought

When your negative outlook on life starts to affect you emotionally to the point of depression, that's when you start contacting somebody to get help. I had this happen in a coaching group with an individual. After a couple of minutes of talking with him, I said, “Even right now as you're listening to me, you are feeling more positive, aren't you?” And he said, “Yes, I am.” I continued, “Well, why is that? Has anything physically changed about your circumstances? No, nothing's changed. I've only been talking with you for a few minutes, so why would you suddenly feel better when nothing has tangibly changed? The difference is that by speaking I'm taking over your thought processes for just a few minutes and captivating your thought. Your feelings are immediately going to follow whatever is your consistent thought.” 


You can do this for yourself with positive affirmations. Find a positive affirmation to empower you specifically in whatever you are struggling with. Even if you are having a positive day, be proactive and say your mantra morning, day, and night. Say it with emotion, volume, and movement and feel it! I guarantee you your feelings will change according to your consistent thought.