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Expectations of Yourself

As I said in the first episode, expectations are a strong belief that something will happen, and if that’s directed towards others, or society, it will surely give rise to complaining.


But why is complaining so bad?


Complaining is bad because it means you’re never going to develop yourself into who you have the capacity to be, and that’s because you place too much stock in your environment.


People complain a lot about politicians and government because they believe their way of life is determined more by what happens outside of them than what they do for themselves.


Having our expectations directed towards what’s outside of us weakens us but personal development begins when direct our expectations towards ourselves.


So, do you have a strong belief that you will make things happen? That’s what it means to have your expectations directed at yourself.


Should we still have expectations on others and institutions? Of course. The issue is how much we place expectations upon these things.


The greater expectation should always be on ourselves, but we have to do it without condemning ourselves. 


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You have no one to blame but yourself.” It’s true. No matter what it is you’re facing, the responsibility is yours as to whether you’ll overcome or be overcome. 


Just realize that placing expectations on things or people outside of you is a position of weakness.