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What It Takes to Exceed Your Limits

Just when you think you can’t, that’s exactly when you can. At that moment when you believe you can’t go another step, you could actually go ten more. Believe me, you’re not even close to discovering your full capacity.

And until you push past your perceived limits, you will not grow, because growth only comes when something is truly broken down. In this case, it’s the imaginary ceiling that you’ve created for yourself that must be destroyed in order for your next level to be achieved.

“The lesson to learn is that your personal progress will not be pretty.”

If you’re in the gym, it’s those last two forced reps that build muscle. The previous 7 or 8 reps only prepare you for exceeding your breaking point. It’s when you move past your previous output that your body responds with growth. That’s why people can work out for years and stay in the same shape. Real transformation comes when you push past your limits.

Whether you’re practicing, losing weight, learning a new subject, expand your business, or trying to improve any skill set, the secret to greatness comes down to “just doing a few more.” A few more minutes on the treadmill; a few more hours a week in the office; or a couple more books read per month are all it takes to separate you from 95% of those around you.

Limitations Are Beliefs

There are no limits to what you can achieve if you change the way you think about achievement. It’s not miraculous. It’s not the result of a special gift only given to a select few. Real achievement—the kind that exceeds where you’ve gotten so far in life—comes by always doing a little more.

The only thing standing in your way is your mind, because your mind is the location for all your self-limiting beliefs. But that’s all they are: beliefs. They’re not real. They have no authority over you, so why listen to them? Push past them!

You might be thinking, “Well, C. J., if I could push past my limits, don’t you think I would have already?”

No, I don’t. If anything, most of what I see are people who desire more—and have the potential for more—and yet remain in their unbroken contract with mediocrity. They’re not willing to pay the price in order to live something greater.

The Reason Why We Settle in Life

The truth is that your discomfort is now comfortable enough for you to tolerate the rest of your life, and that’s what it means to settle.

Think of your own personal history when there were seasons in your past when you were struggling financially, physically, emotionally, or relationally, and it drove you to get a better job, improve your health, be happier, or leave that dead end relationship.

In other words, if things are really uncomfortable—such as not being able to pay your bills—it will drive you to get a higher paying job or reduce your expenses. Your discomfort pushes you into action, but now, as I said, your discomfort is comfortable enough to settle for where you are.

You Can Always Do a Little More

You could do more, but the motivation isn’t there. It’s like our favorite bands. Their early albums are the best because that’s when they were driven and hungry. Now, they’re rich and comfortable, so they have to work extra hard to find that musical magic.

But I’m not saying you have to do anything extreme. I’m not saying you have to radically change your life. All I’m saying is to start doing a little more in all the key areas of life. What are the key areas of life?

  1. Health
  2. Finances
  3. Career
  4. Mind/Emotions
  5. Relationships

What could you change about your diet? Maybe cut out the sugars?

What could you change about your finances? Maybe start saving 10% of your income while speeding up your debt reduction?

What could you change about your job? Maybe start coming in earlier?

What could you change about your mind and emotions? Maybe start meditating and reading self-improvement books?

What could change about your relationships? Maybe start investing more quality time with your loved ones?

There’s always something you can do to improve yourself, and that’s what will help secure your future because you’ll be your strongest, wisest, healthiest, and wealthiest version of you.

Exceeding your limitations begins with an embedded personal belief that there are no limits. You can do a little more today. You can run a little further. You can practice a little more. Get the hell out of your own way! Metal up!