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Deprive Yourself Of Ease

If you can’t deal with small difficulties, how will you deal with the real challenges when life brings them? We know what the big challenges are, losing a job or a relationship, being sick, or not being able to pay your bills, but what about the small difficulties like the temptations of laziness, watching too much tv, or wasting time with people? We don't see these temptations as blows to the body, but they are just as damaging. If you are aware of this, then you'll toughen up by depriving yourself of that ease. It may be as simple as parking a little farther from the store's front door, cleaning out that closet or refrigerator, washing your car, doing your taxes, whatever. As long as it’s a hardship that you impose on yourself and deprives yourself of ease. Get used to telling yourself to do stuff when it needs to be done and especially when you don't feel like doing it.