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Density In Your Intensity

A dog fight is a ferocious struggle for supremacy, so that means you need to get ferocious!


What does ferocious mean? It means to be “savagely fierce,” and being fierce means having “an intense aggressiveness.”


Predators are naturally fierce, but on the human level, we see it in competitive sports—particularly any sport involving contact. Fighters, for example, know that a deep ferocity is needed to win against an opponent. That’s why fighters will often look each other in the eye before a fight. They can tell by the eyes whether their opponent is unsure of themselves.


To become more fierce, you’ve got to increase your desire for what you say you want. Why? Because the goal is to create “density in your intensity.”


If something is dense, it’s compacted, or tightly fit into a small space.


Bodybuilders, for example, want more than big muscle—they want dense muscle.


You have love for your friends, but you have dense love for your children. It’s a myriad of emotions tightly compacted together and focused on your children.


For a bodybuilder to create density, they have to lift especially heavy weight—something they can only lift for 4-6 reps. Why? Because it stimulates more muscle fibers at a deeper level.


You’ll have to do things in order to create greater density in your life. #MetalUp 👊💀🤘