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Critical Of Self-Improvement

The sacred duty you have to yourself is to maximize all that you are, all that you can do for a purpose greater than yourself. Most people don't do that, and that's why most people are not involved with personal development or self-improvement. If anything, they're critical of it. The only critical people are those people who haven't done anything with their life. The people who are frustrated with themselves are the people who lash out. Those are the people who always have something critical to say because they're unhappy with themselves. They don't like the fact that someone like me or any other motivational speaker or post is shining a light on the fact that they haven't fulfilled their sacred duty to their own life. They haven't maximized their life, they haven't achieved their goals, and they're not happy with themselves. And to live with themselves, to be at peace with themselves, they have to silence the voices that highlight otherwise.