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Control Your Monologue

If you want to stop feeling down, you have to control the monologue you have in your head. Meditation is a great tool to do this. I'm not a huge advocate of emptying yourself. What I do is put my mind to more productive use. I give myself empowering content to think about. And for me, the very basic way that I would recommend that someone meditates, with the goal being to be able to control their thoughts throughout the day, is to have a controlled monologue conversation in their mind for a designated period of time, starting with 15 minutes a day. Whenever you refer to yourself, you speak in the positive sense, speaking affirmations, even if it means saying things that aren't exactly realities in your life right now. Since you already have a monologue in your head all day, instead of continuing to worry and getting yourself angry or depressed, you’re going to control that conversation with positive self-affirming conversations that continue to build you up and war against any notion or temptation to feel down.