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Break The Cycle

As soon as you get excited and motivated and think to yourself that you’re really going to do it this time, that’s when competing desires, distractions, laziness, procrastination, all of these things come in and you end up getting off course. You stop being consistent, you stay frustrated until that dissipates, and then you see something motivating again. You get all excited and worked up and you tell yourself you're going to be determined and really do it this time, and then you repeat that same cycle. You start to speak evil of yourself, and that's when hopelessness sets in. This is a vicious cycle that people get on because they simply can't fulfill their resolution. You have to stop the second-guessing and the fear. You're not too old. Time is not run out. You still have more time, and you still have more opportunities, but self-doubt is going to keep you where you are. You have desires and you should take them seriously. Don't be reckless, but take them seriously. It's an amazing thing that we who say we want something can be the strongest opposition to the thing that we want. How could it be that you both want something and then you'll hold yourself back at the very same time? That's not resolute. A resolute person does not question themselves. They do not second-guess. They do not have self-doubt. They are in motion going after the thing that they want. Break the cycle of self-defeat.