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Become More Resolute

If you want to become more resolute with a desire in your life, you have to attach more value to it. We have competing desires that come in and trip us up, so you have to prioritize your desires. Determine which desires are the most important. Health, for example, is a big one. If you just generally felt better physically, you wouldn't be dealing with half the problems that you have in life. So, value has to be attached to your health, and you attach value by meditating, feeding, and resourcing yourself. Desire is like a fire. It gets hungrier the more that you feed it. Anything that you can do that will serve as feeding the fire will create more value. The more you understand and know about something, the greater the sense of value that you have for it. And when that's the case, you become more unwavering. You become more determined, you become more resolute.