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Authority In Yourself

This week, we’re moving beyond just learning to speak more positively. We’re shifting into POWER WORDS, which is a way of speaking that changes ourselves as well as our environment.


In the last episode, we mentioned the four things that represent POWER, and they are ability, authority, creativity, and influence.


We covered ABILITY, which is found in the statement, “I CAN.”


Today, we’re talking about AUTHORITY, which means, “permission and power to exert control.”


First, we have to get past any negative connotations we have about exerting control. 


We don’t like people trying to control us, but control is inescapable. The issue is whether or not you’re exercising the needed control in your life.


You won’t do that if you don’t have one thing squared away first…


YOU have the AUTHORITY to control every aspect of your life that works to maximize who you are and what you can do.


Believe it or not, some people don’t believe they have that authority:


* They look for permission and approval from others.

* They rely upon the opinions of others.

* They often ask, “Is this okay?”

* They think their circumstances have more authority than their desires.


This last one is a big one. This is why some people say, “I guess it’s just not meant to be,” whenever they encounter resistance from life and people.


No, it’s not that it’s not meant to be, it’s that it’s just not easy to do or accomplish.


The authority is not found in your circumstances or other people. The authority is found in you and your ability, talents, passions, and desires.


Therefore, whenever you experience resistance, start to exercise authority in those instances by saying, “I’m in control, and I don’t accept them. I’m here to change things, and life will obey me.”


Think of it just like a police officer pulling up to a situation. The first thing that happens is that authority gets exercised over people and circumstances.