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Attitude Adjustment

When you’ve got back and neck pain, you go to the chiropractor to get “adjusted.” When your car is out of alignment, you take it in to get adjusted. And when someone at work or home has a bad attitude, you say, “They need an attitude adjustment.” But by the time you go to the chiropractor or mechanic, it’s already at a crisis point, and things reach a crisis point because we don’t do the daily adjustments to keep things aligned. This is doubly true when it comes to our attitude and mindset, or the way that we think and believe daily. 


In other words, by the time I hear from people, they’re already in crisis mode. Why? It’s because they don’t take personal development seriously. They’re trying to get by on “motivational quotes” instead of working on a daily, systematic method of overall life improvement. If we don’t adjust our attitudes daily, we’ll keep hitting walls, veer into ditches, get lost, or spin our wheels going nowhere. If we want to succeed, then adjusting our thinking is primary!