Worry is the most common form of emotional pain that affects all of us. Worry taxes us emotionally and physically. It keeps us up at night. It’s like a demon that’s hell-bent on tormenting every aspect of our life.

I’ve often said that “Worry is self-prayer, and we make terrible gods.” In other words, our constant worry is like we’re petitioning ourselves, but we’re powerless to do anything. So, why worry? There are reasons.

However, we tend to make matters worse by failing to take action on what we’re worried about. If our circumstances weren’t bad enough, we actually increase the emotional pain by worrying instead of working. The end result is that we’re doing more damage.

The issue, however, is not found in resolving your bad circumstances because that will take time. What’s important is that you reduce the control that worry has on you, and there are effective ways to do that.

That’s what I’m covering in this 5-message series on Declaring War on Your Worry. It’s time we stopped being friendly to our fears and worries and actually went to war against them!

As always, I show the first episode of each video series right here, so take a few minutes right now to watch Episode 1.

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C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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