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Once your kids have become adults, seeking a purpose outside of parenting can be difficult. I never realized how deep in a comfort zone I was until my kids became independent. I hear this among my peers as well. I’m wondering if the fear that comes with discovering the next purpose comes from never creating a purpose outside of the normal and safe. Safe as in the role of mom and wife.

You may have heard me refer to my “trailer park aristocracy” in previous videos. This is what addresses the issue you mention, and it has to do with the “greater purpose” that you’re serving.

Try to think for a moment of the “wives and mothers” within the top 1% of America’s wealthiest families. Do they serve a higher purpose in general? Yes, they serve the greater purpose of preserving the family’s wealth, property, heritage, ethics, etc.

Therefore, the purpose doesn’t change, only the mode does.

What is a mode? It’s “a way or manner in which something is expressed.”

So, being a mother is a mode, or way, to express something. The mistake we make is in confusing the mode with what’s being expressed.

All to say, being a mother is a specific way to fulfill a larger purpose, and when that way is fulfilled, you must shift modes but continue fulfilling the larger purpose.

What’s the larger purpose? It’s your “trailer park aristocracy.” What’s that? It’s preserving the resources, heritage, beliefs, and ethics of your ongoing family over multiple generations.

In other words, “think like the 1%, not the 99%.”

  • That means preparation for being a grandmother, but not just babysitting grandkids and giving them treats. It means imparting to them the family values and heritage.
  • This means educating yourself to provide even greater instruction to your grown children so that they can get ahead faster than you did.

This means organizing family meetings around holidays and such to rehearse the long-term vision for the family. For example, the Rothchild family meets once a year where family assets are submitted, and the family constitution is read.

Your role as mom and wife must transition into something greater yet still within the context of the family. The difference is found in significantly increasing your idea, definition, and purpose of the family.

C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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