When we usually think of “meditation,” we think of a monk in Tibet or someone tied up in a yoga position trying to empty their minds in order to find inner peace. I’m sure that’s a helpful thing to do, but that’s not what I do.

The idea of “nirvana” is about finding a “transcendent state” where there isn’t suffering, desire, or any sense of self, and when a lot of people meditate, they aspire to something reflective of nirvana. That’s not what I do or believe.

I’ll make it simple: “I don’t meditate to escape the world, but rather, I meditate to equip myself to invade it!”

Meditation is Your Mental Workout

I’m not looking to escape my self, my desires, or anything else in order to find greater inner peace because real peace follows a life lived with purpose in which I maximize all that I am, and all that I can do, for a purpose greater than myself. Therefore…

  • When I meditate, I don’t empty my mind, I fill it.
  • When I meditate, I’m not escaping, I’m getting stronger.
  • When I meditate, I’m exercising my mind to be disciplined.
  • When I meditate, I’m transforming the way I see myself and the world.
  • When I meditate, I create a stronger connection between my purpose and real life.

What’s important to understand is that the suffering in the world needs to be changed, not evaded, and that requires strong, equipped, disciplined people filled with purpose to take action. There are wrongs that must be made right. There are other people that need what you have, and your mission is to reach them.

And you can’t do that if you’re a monk meditating in a secluded monastery on a mountain in Tibet!

You Don’t Need to Escape the World

The universe has you right where you need to be: right in the thick of things! You need to be with people. You need to be with pain. You need to be where the needs are great. You need to be where life is happening.

And you’ll be better equipped to dominate your life, and make a difference in the lives of others, if your meditation, and other mental disciplines, are designed to create a stronger you.

So, keep this in mind as you take time to meditate. See yourself as that hero that the world needs, even if you’re just being a hero to your kids or others in your circle of influence.

You have a lot to offer to this world, and your responsibility is to prepare yourself to invade it! Metal up!

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C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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