Yesterday, I posted a short video to my Instagram and Facebook page on “Trying to Make Sense Out of Evil.” In light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, people are asking that question.

  • How do we make sense out of suffering?
  • How do we make sense when the innocent die?
  • How do we make sense out of evil?

You don’t make sense out of evil, because there’s nothing reasonable or sensible about it. Trying to get at the cause of evil is like trying to find a black spot on a black cat in a dark room. People think they can fix evil with policies but evil always finds a way to express itself.

What do we do about evil then? We overcome it, and overcome means to overwhelm or overpower something. In other words, you flood it out with something else.

Think of it this way. If you have a yard, and you want it to look nice, you have to deal with the weeds, and the way most people deal with weeds is to try and poison or pluck them out one by one. But there’s a better way to deal with weeds, and that is to flood your lawn with healthy grass. When you do this, you “crowd out the weeds!”

This is how we deal with evil. We crowd it out by flooding the world with old fashioned goodness, civility, compassion, service, and being a good neighbor. In our homes, work place, communities, and wherever we go, we “crowd out the evil” with something better!

Don’t try to make sense out of evil, because there’s nothing sensible about it. Just let it be a reminder to you that you can never rest when it comes to taking care of the world we live in, and we all have a part to play in this.

Even though your days may be routine, think about how you can add more “goodness”—the opposite of evil—to the places you go and to the people you’re with. Start today. We desperately need you right now. Metal up!


C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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