What are you waiting for? When it comes to going after what you’ve always wanted to do, always wanted to be, or where you always wanted to go, what are you waiting for? Whose permission do you need?

I meet so many people that are living in neutral. For whatever reason, they have not shifted into gear and created the plans that will get them what they claim they’ve always wanted. They are in limbo, and time is draining like blood; their life is seeping away.

Waiting is Relinquishing Your Authority

If I hear someone doing a lot of talking, but they have no written plans and have taken no action, then I know they’re waiting for something. It could be that they’re waiting for circumstances to be conducive enough to act, or maybe they’re awaiting someone in “authority” to tell them, “You now have permission to step out on your dreams.”

Waiting on the right circumstances, or delaying because you need permission from family, a spouse, friends, or institution, is to place your life in the hands of them that don’t understand the depth of your passion. How then can you grant them the level of authority to control what you do or who you’ll be?

The Power of Choice

Granted, it’s great to get advice on how to do something, but you better be careful when it comes to asking whether you should do something. I get this a lot from people who ask me if I “think” they should pursue a goal or relationship. How the hell am I supposed to know?

I can offer counsel, but what you’re trying to do is cast off the most powerful asset you have: the power of choice. You’re relinquishing your throne as sole ruler of your personal kingdom and giving it to someone who only has their own interests in mind. You are trading your royalty for slavery.

The Power of Dominion

No other creature under heaven has the power of dominion, and dominion is sovereignty and control over your own domain. I’m not talking about domination; I’m referring to you mastering and ruling your own life as a king or queen would rule a kingdom.

You must take the throne of your own life and rule your territory. I say, “Take it”, because no one will give it to you. If anything, they’ll try to usurp your throne and rob you of your time, energy, and resources.

Whether it’s fear of failure, insecurity about your own abilities, or a sense of guilt that tells you that you don’t deserve your dreams, you must declare war against what is resisting you from ascending to your throne. Time is running out, and your future awaits the royal edicts that will steer your life into everything you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Does this article describe you or someone you know? If so, tell me a little about that in the comments below.

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C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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    21 replies to "Seize Your Throne: Taking Back the Rulership of Your Life"

    • Patrickmaloney83

      Thanks for the article! I am working consistantly everyday towards my own goals and i appreciate the extra push that you give.

    • My pleasure. Thanks for writing, Patrick.

    • Chris Manola

      You always say exactly what I need to hear just when I need to hear it most, C.J.!

    • Thanks, Chris! 😉

    • Shark Man

      I quit smoking 5 days ago! After 10 years of nearly a pack a day. And you are 100% right, I was always waiting… waiting…

      Dreams loading…5%…6%… Dreams frozen…

      All it takes is some initiative because we have much more control over our lives than we care to admit.

      Thanks for this article friend.

      [Ron Paul 2012]

    • That was awesome, Shark.

    • jack sorbello

      hello C.J. my name is jack sorbello
      im 17 years old muscian/songwriter
      my passion is singing.
      i love music with all my being. but when the night comes and its just me and four walls. the downer in me comes out. i start to question who i am. whats my purpose. i hear all these great vocalists like ronnie dio, geoff tate. all these amazing bands. my dream is to be on top. to show the world my passion. my calling. and reach the peaks of success that all of my idols before me. but i sometimes feel that inadequate to these people. asking myself why are they so good. what do they have i dont have. i get so confused. i just dont know what to do sometimes.

    • Georgiou

      It’s my time to be king and Rise from taking advice from teachers to getting advice by my own choices and life! To live!
      Metal up!

    • CJF

      You kinda hit the nail on the head for me with this. I’m struggling in my business now and maybe facing a career change and I’m afraid to fail and I feel like I can’t do anything else.Im afraid I wouldn’t be able to support my family adequately. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do.

    • Penny Darlene Sanders

      Your words are like poetry to me at times. I am so impressed with your knowledge of the human mind and its ability to control and power to “take you down” if you let it. Life is a constant struggle at times and yet we have complete and total control over our own actions, behaviors and reactions to the struggles we are facing. I just want to say “Thanx to all of You” at Metal Motivation, cuz I read daily and it is absolutely empowering to me. I am strong and capable and badass and I will conquer my “struggles”like the heavy metal mama that I am because God created me! In his image. How much more empowerment do we need. Metal Up World! I love your articles and your passion to help others find themselves and remember to take back the power they already have! Hell Yeah!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Penny. It sounds like you’re well on your way to life domination!

    • Try to spend less time thinking and more time problem-solving. There are myriads of solutions and opportunities surrounding you, but it will be difficult to see them if you allow fear to govern you. Keep plowing, my friend.

    • Metal up!

    • You’ve picked some of the best vocalists in metal to compare yourself to, but don’t forget that James Hetfield and Tom Araya also did well. What’s important is song writing. Either way, what makes anyone good is practice.

    • Miera

      This article has changed my life.
      For so long I have put the decisions of my life into the hands of another. I developed such a strong need for validation that I would not make choices that I knew would greatly benefit me, for fear that I would upset certain people around me. I’ve read so many self-help books that said it was because I was dependent on that particular person, which I know is not completely true. But then I read this, and I realized that other person was not the cause of my stress, anger, and frustrations at all – I was. I was already familiar with the concept of self control, and how you can guide your own thoughts, but it wasn’t until I read this that I became more aware of just how many of my thought processes I’ve felt the need to “run past others”, how many times I’ve shied away from introducing an idea because I was afraid of how someone would react (even if that idea would benefit me greatly, and have no effect on that person).
      I was so filled with energy when I read this last night, and it was an energy I had never felt before: pure. Whole. Where my soul once felt like a volcano threatening to erupt, where I once felt fire deep in my throat just waiting to flare out, there was a sense of peace and unity as I became more and more aware of what I was doing to myself.
      The idea that I am running my own kingdom has uplifted me farther as now my point of perspective has turned around. Rather than me looking at myself from the outside in, I can see myself from the inside out. And I have become more discriminating in what thoughts I allow in, because I was letting so much negativity swell around in my head that it was poisoning me, literally.
      Thank you, C.J. Thank you for what you do. Your articles and videos are motivational and inspiring, and though I don’t know you and may never meet you face to face, I will remain eternally grateful for your profound ability to uplift, and your devotion to sharing that gift with the world.

    • C. J. - The Metal Motivator

      Miera, that’s one of the most beautiful comments I’ve ever received. Thank you very much.

    • Anonymous

      This is what I need to hear RIGHT NOW!

    • I’m glad it was relevant, Karen.

    • Jeremy

      That’s me.

    • Fay Hébé

      i wish i had read this before. but i guess it was meant to be today, cause in the last days, i decided to do exactly that – become the Queen of my own castle. no matter what people think of what i do, i don’t need their permission to fulfill the projects i want to do. i have the talent, the material, all i need is the motivation (and a better health – but i’m on my way up so it’s just a question of patience) and to stop listening to what some members of my family – jealous ones, unfortunately – cause really, it’s a burden. so kick in the ass, and taking back my own throne in my own castle. they can pest and whine and curse and do hell on earth i don’t care anymore.

    • C. J. - The Metal Motivator

      Good for you, Fay.

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