Have you ever seen those “Feed the Children” infomercials where sad music is played to slow-moving footage of hungry children in other countries? Do you typically sit and watch them, or do you change the channel? If children don’t move you, then what about abused animals? I bet you don’t watch those!

We avoid these TV ads because they have an immediate affect on our emotions, and we know we’ll be more likely to donate money in support of the cause. Most of us tend to operate by the principle “out of sight, out of mind.” If you don’t consider it, you won’t be tempted to take action.

You’re Damn Right the Truth Hurts, and That’s a Good Thing!

It’s been said that “the truth hurts,” and one of the reasons why is because we all live in a false reality. We all live in a measure of denial so that we’re not routinely bogged down with a depressing awareness of the way things truly are. Those that do live in such an awareness, drive themselves into a perpetual state of anxiety or depression.

But, we still need a healthy dose of reality, if we’re going to change those areas that need changing. The more we see and understand the reality of how much money we’re spending; how much time we’re wasting, or how much crap we’re eating, then the less we’ll continue the bad habits that bring eventual destruction.

The Seven Areas You Better Stop Avoiding

In my opinion, there are seven areas in which we should NOT live in denial:

  • Money – Unless you know what you’re spending, you’ll continue to waste your money. Review your bank statements, or write down what you spent—and what you spent it on—for a week, and you’ll be shocked at how much was wasted.
  • Relationships – Are you aware of the way you speak to your better half, your children, your co-workers, or your friends? How about asking them sometime?
  • Career – Do you think your job is secure? Haven’t seen enough unemployed people to realize you should always be preparing for changes in the economy?
  • Health – This one is HUGE! Carrying 50+ pounds of extra weight can kill you. Not having sufficient muscle mass will make mobility near impossible as you get older. Having a weak core will ensure back injuries.
  • Emotions – Do you understand how living in a constant state of self-created anxiety is deteriorating your health and causing them that love you to also live with worry? How about your constant pity parties?
  • Time – This one hurts once you see just how much of it you’re wasting. Time can never be replaced, and you only have one life to live. Why give so much of it to nonsensical gossiping, channel surfing, or hanging out?

A Simple Way to Face Reality and Then Change It

The more we see reality, the more likely we are to change it. So, for one week, I would suggest you keep track of the money you’re spending; the way you’re using your time; what and how much you’re eating, and then asking the closest people in your life what they think about the way you’re acting.

Once you see, for example, that anything over your daily calorie allowance will add fat to your body, you’ll be more likely to eat less. If your daily allowance is 2,500 calories, and then after writing down what you’ve eaten you see that you’re consuming double, or triple, that amount, you’re going to be shocked. Do you think you’ll consider dieting more than before?

If you see that in seven days you watched 24+ hours of mindless television with nothing to show for it, do you think you’re more likely to cut back on the channel surfing and read a book?

What if your kids tell you, “Dad, we’re a little afraid of you because you’re always mad when you come home.” Are you going to continue being a big ass baby who carries his problems home with him, or are you going to metal up and be a source of love and security to your family?

The truth hurts, but it can also lead to immediate and significant transformation in your life. Don’t run from it. Embrace it. Turn from the bad habits. Become the bad ass that you know you can be.

In the comments below, tell me some of the areas in your life that need a serious reality check.
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C. J. Ortiz
C. J. Ortiz

My mission is to help equip people to maximize their resources for a purpose greater than themselves. That's what my own mentors and teachers have done for me, and I'm paying it forward. Life can be merciless, and the world can be a messed up place, so what's needed is a stronger people that can both endure and overcome in life. My motto is, "In whatever you do, don't suck! Metal up!"

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    19 replies to "The Truth Hurts: Using a Serious Reality Check to Help You Get Your Sh*t Together!"

    • Willow

      I could use more frequent emotional detox! Better yet… shifting away from some folks that drive me fn bananas might be the wiser move.

    • Willow

      I could use more frequent emotional detox! Better yet… shifting away from some folks that drive me fn bananas might be the wiser move.

    • Devin Davis

      I live in Texas, but I’m sure it’s Denial, Tx sometimes….great kick in the @ss for the morning, C.J.!…

    • Devin Davis

      I live in Texas, but I’m sure it’s Denial, Tx sometimes….great kick in the @ss for the morning, C.J.!…

    • Ethan Kincaid

      I waste a lot of time. Easily distracted as a friggin ferret. Time to get my schedule under control.

    • Ethan Kincaid

      I waste a lot of time. Easily distracted as a friggin ferret. Time to get my schedule under control.

    • LOL. I hear ya, bro. You’re welcome.

    • You can do it, my friend.

    • Mmoemarceau

      right on bro ,i an 63 and still learning and physically active in our 4 seasons in the great white north ,canada

    • Very glad to hear that, my brother.

    • Matt

      I’m pursuing a career in physics. I’m an undergraduate physics major with a less than stellar GPA. I need to understand how much hard work I’m going to have to do in order to bring up that GPA and get into grad school. And I need to start NOW.

    • Very good, Matt. Very good.

    • Aubrey Aguilar

      Relationships, Emotions and Time.

    • suki jones

      i’m trying to launch a fashion career doing lots of shoots and shows i’m not selling if i’m creating and i’ve been creating too much. i need to balance that out and i need to drop the guilt about it, my son(who i’m raising alone w/o child support) says he’s behind me 100% but i still rack myself with guilt because i’m not spending more time with him in the evenings. i will talk to him more often to make sure he’s OK w things and take a night off here and there so we can go swimming or on the weekends an afternoon hiking….putting into my calendar now!! thank you for the kick in the ass!!!

    • Sarah Nicholson

      I am wasting my time in a dead end job I do not like. Am afraid to make a change with today’s economy the way it is.

    • C. J. - The Metal Motivator

      I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for writing.

    • C. J. - The Metal Motivator

      That’s perfectly understandable, Sarah. There’s no reason to take unnecessary risks, but there should still be a plan in place to get out of where you are. Just make sure it’s a safe one.

    • Dave

      As always ..the Metal Motivator breaks things down in an excellent way!!
      (First, the positives)… I can honestly say Ive improved alot in my emotional health.. My outlook is more positive and optimistic than it has been in ages!! As far as health goes, i am on day 29 of no-chocolate / no sweets!! And i am proud to say that with complete honesty.. Ive not cheated, and it feels great!! Also, a side bebefit of that is having not spent that $5+ dollars a day on candy…which puts me closer to buying that new guitar i want so badly!! .. Lastly.. I have put in alot of time on my guitar playing.. And i can tell the benefits!! I know i can be even more disciplined in working on the challenging stuff, with faith that it will eventually be worth learning.. even if it sounds horrible now…
      …where i need a kick in the tail is the condition of my apartment!! It’s been beyond health-code-bad for ages.. I just cant seem to bring myself to start cleaning up!! Even to the point that I need the maintenece to come work on the AC… but there’s no way i could have them come in and see this mess!! I can visualize a clean place.. and i know all the benefits of getting it cleaned up.. But i just can’t seem to get in gear!! I need a Drill Sergeant to come kick my butt into action!!
      Thanks CJ for sharing your wisdom and for the encouragment!!

    • Thanks, Dave. Can you select just one small area to clean and start there?

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