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“My wife unexpectedly passed away on 2/13/11, and I’ve been in a downward spiral ever since. You have motivated me to pull my head out of my ass, thank you.” ~ Rory Willis

“My son has been missing for almost 3 years, and after the first year of solid panic and paralysis, and accepting the sheriff’s decision to close the file and label him as nothing more than a cold case, I wanted crawl up into the fetal position in retreat. You have helped me realize that I am in control of my attitude, my behavior and my choices. I’m not totally unstuck, but I am gradually ‘unsticking’ and becoming productive again. Thanks!” ~ Lynda Kerby

“I was living homeless before finding a new beginning in another city, and your videos are helping me rebuild the person that I once was.” ~ Alex Munro

“My mom is going thru a lot. Hubby died, losing her home, had hip surgery and needs another. She will be 64 in January. I showed her your videos and she LOVES them! She wanted me to tell you that she is totally inspired, and it was like de ja vu for her, to hear you talk about ‘leaning into the wind when the storms come.’” ~ Melissa Patrick Allman

“Hey bro, I just wanted to let you know that since you sent me these links to the anxiety message that you did, I haven’t had one anxiety attack take control of me! They still attempt to happen from time to time, but I stop them from getting control of me.” ~ Jody Munn

“Thank you, CJ. You gave me the greatest gift I could ever get with your podcasts: the ability to return to the woman I used to be. I will never be able to repay you. Thank you!” ~ Tara McCullough Saunders

“Metal Motivation has saved my life. Listening to you made me get my life back on track. You are an extraordinary speaker, and rest assured, your motivation is being placed into action. You are a wealth of wisdom!” ~ Jimer64

“Your posts mean a lot to me. There are times I feel like you keep me alive. Your words are powerful . What you do for me and others has no price. This is a service in which no other has provided. Keep it up my brother you will be written about in history books!” ~ Matthew Jamison McGhee

“Hey, CJ! I wanted to thank you publicly for your videos and inspiration. Your videos and inspiring words helped me get through a very deep and dark mostly work-related depression.” ~ Paul Litke

“CJ, I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful your cause is to me. I have been listening to you for about two months now and your principles have saved me from a life of confusion and self doubt.” ~

“Dear C.J. I just found and watched your three part talk on depression. I’m 63, and I’ve suffered from depression since high school. The psychiatrists just give me pills. I am writing to tell you that you have impressed me greatly, and that you are tremendously intelligent and perceptive of the human condition and your communication skills are top notch! I was greatly uplifted by your comments. I want you to know that what you said to me touched my soul and was better than all the shrinks and psychologists that I have ever talked to put together.” ~ Michael Myers

“CJ, I wanted to let you know that after my kidney transplant last November, I used Metal Motivation to get past a few recovery rough spots. It was easy to whine and moan about the business of recovering (the discipline of exercising to gain muscle, and diet to keep the lbs off), but each time I went to rehab, yoga, and aerobic exercises, I kept the motto of METAL UP… DON’T SUCK! firmly in my mind. I can say now that I am a 1000% better than I was initially.” ~ Alvin Helfer

“I owe my weight loss and personal development to you guys at Metal Motivation. Metal up, world!” ~ Jonathan Buttry

“CJ, you have no idea how much of an honor it would be for me to sit down and have a conversation with the guy who has changed my total outlook on life completely!” ~ Lyndsay Hannusch

“I never go way from your motivation without learning something new, you are indeed my ‘life coach’! I want the world to know how inspiring you are!” ~ Dennis Landstedt

“CJ, you are an awesome guy. God put you on this Earth to do Metal Motivation and help others out—you make a difference to a lot of people.” ~ Sherry Sloat Pennington

“Dude, where in the hell do you come up with this insightful, inspiring, powerful talk?! This is just too awesome and very, VERY helpful. THANK YOU CJ!! METAL UP \m/” ~ Brandon Huszti

“My bachelor’s degree is in the field of psychology. The ideas that you are communicating are spot on with the information I researched in college.” ~ Bryan S. Douglas

“Wow, I just stumbled across this, and I can obviously see that you don’t need me to tell you how incredible Metal Motivation is, but here goes any way: this is life changing incredible!” ~ Kelly Aven

“Thank you….beyond what words can say. Thank you.” ~ Death-Metal Mike Callaghan

“I love what you’re doing on YouTube and Facebook. The world needs more people like you!” ~ Victoria Dickens

“CJ, your methods should be patented!” ~ Wes Imel

“C.J., I love, love what you are doing, and I hope that it grows and repays you back tenfold. Your ability to simplify very complicated concepts and communicate them in a clear, non-judgmental, and user friendly way, crossing all boundaries of sex, religion, race and class is unique and not something many self help gurus are able to do.” ~ Propitious Luck

“Ahh, thank you, Metal Motivation. I’m not confused anymore! You are my mental hygiene! BEST PAGE ON FACEBOOK!” ~ Kozz Brooks

“Those who seek the truth, The truth through wisdom will take heed to these words on this page! People pay hundreds of dollars an hour to get what CJ gives you for free!” ~ Matthew Jamison McGhee

“Hey CJ! I do a radio show, FULL SHRED AHEAD, and we have been extracting the audio from your videos, and it is a regular segment on the show. Personally, I’ve used your segments to help me get through a lot of hardships. I’ve used Metal Motivation to drop 35 lbs. When I’m getting tired, or feel like having some fast food/beer or stray from my training, I remember some of the things you have said to keep pushing through to get to my goals.” ~ Beau Grant

“I must thank you guys! Today was one of my last finals for my AA degree. I went back to college after 12 years and did 74 credits in one year. There were days I wanted to give up and bang my head into a wall. But I would log in and see your quotes and videos and it made my day so much better.” ~ Ben Sloboda

“Always man, when I feel weak, and the weight of this world makes my knees buckle, you are always there to lift me up . I am forever a soldier!” ~ Gary Johnson

“Thank you for BEING YOU—ANGELS are among US!” ~ Mirosalva Mercado

“I have to tell you that your messages sit with me—especially when I’m getting chewed up by this nasty, fucked up world we live in. They pull me back to where I need to be. YOU FUCKIN’ ROCK!” ~ Joe Madden

“Metal Motivation is an excellent tool that WORKS, and it is the absolute TRUTH in getting to the bottom of some fundamental coping skills needed for healing, growth and success. You are to us a friend, a brother, an uncle, a father and so down to earth.” ~ Stephanie Messner

“I would just like to say I was going through a hard time mustering the motivation to do my university work… But ever since I have stumbled along your videos you have inspired me so much I am now achieving a 1st in my degree studies. Thanks for making me believe I can do it!” ~ Samuel

“Your work is incredible. Every time I watch your videos, I experience a visceral understanding of your words, and I feel immensely confident. Your work arms me with confidence in the lifelong fight to destroy mediocrity in my life. Keep up the good work. Metal up!” ~ Vivek Upadhyay

“You are such a great inspiration. You truly are! Your words have been like gold to me lately, and I just wanted you to know that!” ~ Jennifer Rodrigues

“I’ve come to love CJ Ortiz for what he stands for. He has a bad-ass approach, at times biblical, and believe it or not, that’s okay with me. Here’s a man that defines the human condition by separating the ice-cream from the bullshit. I’m all about metal, but I’d listen to CJ metal or not. He’s the real deal, the genuine article.” ~ Scottie Mack

“Why the hell EVERYBODY doesn’t get into Metal Motivation is beyond my understanding! If you don’t take note of this, then you are seriously missing out on great things in your life.” ~ Demolition Rick

“CJ, your work just reaches me on such a deep level. Genuinely inspires me to work harder, enjoy life more, and rock harder than ever before. I’m nearly blind in both eyes, and it would be easy for that to get me down, to keep me down and away from my potential. But for my perceived limitations, I have only derisive laughter as metal motivates me to greater heights. To that end, Metal Motivation is really helpful, as it puts into words that which I feel and know to be true and tells me I’m not limited by what others may think I can and can’t do. (Ever seen a blind man rise through the ranks of a Marine Corps JROTC course, out-shooting all but one cadet? Neither have I. I’ve been that blind guy.) Rock on!” ~ Michael Dead-Eye Espinoza

“CJ, You are my new life coach, which was a gift my awesome big sis. I finally have the new MENTAL health food I was desperately needing.” ~ Hunter Danielson

“Your posts leave me speechless I have to say!” ~ Markella Servantofdarkness

“C.J., everyday I look forward to your posts. You motivate me more than anything or anyone I have ever known. Your words just seem to kick me in my ass and say JUST DO IT!” ~ Trilene Taylor

“You are simply amazing, CJ! It’s true you know, we just can’t get enough of your wisdom and motivation. You always leave me wanting more. I can’t wait for the next post! I take everything you say and run with it to make my life even better. Thank you for your words, they are making me even stronger and wiser than before. You have made a huge impact on my life.” ~ Andrea Hunziker

“I read Metal Motivation EVERY morning before work and use it every day. You are wise beyond your years and I LOVE it! Many Thanks!!!” ~ Whitney Evans Hildebrand

“I’d just like to say I’m a big fan of Metal Motivation. There are many other organizations like this, but the metalhead attitude really makes you guys stand out and appeal to me. Metal Up, Don’t suck!!!” ~ Dave Beirne

“What your doing/have done is one of the greatest things I’ve encountered on this earth thus far on my journey!” ~ Mike McPhee

“This guy makes much more sense than Jesus!” ~ Doug Sullivan

“CJ, I just wanted to thank you. Your posts really make my day and also my friends. My friends LOVE it and repost as well!” ~ Leslie Sikorsky

“Thanks, CJ. Your words and videos have helped me transform my life even more into that wonderful butterfly!” ~ Peggy McDaniel Fenner

“You’re the man! Every time I watch your video, I just want to say, ‘Thank you.’ I think your message is too powerful and YouTube is too small. Maybe you need to be on TV!” ~ Vexpose

“You should be famous with the work you do, man. Metal Motivation is a million dollar idea. Mad respect!” ~ Alex Munro

“CJ, your words inspire me; I am addicted to your show.” ~ Cheryl A Reynolds

“Isn’t it the best? CJ Ortiz is easily one of the most prolific content producers and timely social managers I’ve ever seen. He’s a fucking machine! I love seeing Metal Motivation updates in my news feed.” ~ Eric

“CJ, I love everything you have to say. You have a way of making it seem so clear. Sitting here waiting for today’s episode to start my day.” ~ Kevin Norlock

“I love you guys more with every video!” ~ Chris Weyers

“They should be teaching this in 10th grade before the kids are totally roped in by the system!” ~ Helen Grell-Rotante

“CJ, man, you’re empowering. Thanks for creating Metal Motivation. Pure brilliance.” ~ Jasmine Nieves

“I am still up, and I am still buzzing! I have downloaded every metal motivation podcast I could find. I am getting ready to take it to the next level, dude! I WILL NOT SUCK!” ~ Siobhan Fairhurst

“Your motivational work is stellar, outside the box and well… just pure genius!” ~ Randy Cody

“I love your page! I look forward to what you have to say every day while I get my day going with some Slayer!! You are now part of my daily metal ritual.” ~ Lisa Fite Thomas

“Hands down these are THE BEST VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE!” ~ Derek Lowell