You are your own best coach, but sometimes you need to talk to someone for advice, counsel, wisdom, and motivation. That’s why I created this personal coaching service.

Until recently, I was offering coaching services, but what I’m finding is that the majority of people in need are not looking for long-term coaching relationship. Either that, are they simply can’t afford the financial commitment to something that extensive.

Yet, I continually receive emails request personal advice or the opportunity to speak with me. For that reason, I’m implementing this new, simple way of communicating with me.

If You Want to Talk, Then Let’s Talk

Here’s how it works: if you’d like to speak with me on the phone, then let’s set an appointment for an hour-long phone call at $85.00 per hour (business coaching is $125.00). That’s it. If you’d like to speak again, we just repeat the process. And, if you’d like to speak again, then you contact me to set up an appointment whenever you’re ready. No contracts. No long-term coaching programs. Just time for you and I to talk when you need me. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Contact me via email to set up an appointment.
  2. I’ll send you an invoice for $85.00 via PayPal.
  3. You must pay the invoice first, then we’ll talk.

I’m a “no bullshit” kind of guy, so I like things simple. I’m an extremely busy man, but I will ALWAYS take time to help someone else. All I ask is that you compensate me for my time.

Simple, right?

To set up an appointment, email me.