Breaking Free From the Pain of Your Past (Video)

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Pain is something we hold on to and there are reasons for it. Once we understand them, we can begin to reprogram our minds to break free.

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There is No Secret to Success (Video)

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Dispel the myths about real achievement and lasting change. There are no secrets to success. There’s only ignorance of the proven principles to create what you want in life. Take a few minutes right now to discover the 3 things you’ll need.

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How to Stay Consistent (Video)

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Consistency is a key to success, and keeping yourself consistent in whatever discipline you’re committed to will determine how much you maximize your potential. The problem is staying consistent, but the secret is not as difficult as you might think.

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Breaking the Bands of Your Thought Habits (Video)

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The most confining prison is the prison of the mind, and if I had to reduce “self-improvement” to one area it would be the discipline, control, and harnessing of the mind. For most us, we are subjugated to the thought habits that run our daily lives. For most people, “thought control” is not their emphasis, and they’re paying a price for it.

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Mister Rogers and the True Meaning of Success (Video)

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You’ll be hard pressed to find a single person who has done more to impact the lives of children—and even your own life—than the public television celebrity, Fred Rogers (a.k.a. “Mister Rogers”). If there’s anything Fred Rogers understood, it’s the true meaning of success, which I define as “maximizing your resources for a purpose greater than yourself.”

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Excel! Inspiring Life Lessons from My Personal Heroes (Video)

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I’ve had numerous heroes in my life that have both inspired me as well as provided me with powerful life lessons that I live on to this day. In this week’s teaching series in my Life Domination Online Coaching Program, I’m covering four heroes of mine and drawing some important truths that will radically change your life.

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Resolved! Pushing Through Life’s Resistance to Get What You Want (Video)

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Have you given up on your dream? Have you given up on your goal? Was there something you wanted in your life, something you wanted out of life, or something you wanted to do with your life? Something that you knew you had the ability to do or be, but you just couldn’t get past…

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5 Ways to Secure Your Financial Future (Video)

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My greatest investment is in me, my abilities, and my tools. The reason is because I’m a much more “sure thing” than the government, a day job, or the ever-changing economy.

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How to Release the Creative Power of Your Mind (Video)

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The purpose of this series is to discover how to have a more powerful connection between our minds and the possibilities that lie in the universe.

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Meditation: Creating a Stronger Mind to Live a Better Life

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I don’t meditate to escape the world. I meditate to equip myself to invade it! Watch Episode 1 of my new 5-video series “Meditation: Creating a Stronger Mind to Live a Better Life”

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