How to Live a Satisfied Life (Video)


What are we all in search of? Actually, it’s satisfaction. We all want to be fulfilled in life, but the mistake we make is in thinking something outside of us will bring us lasting happiness. What we don’t realize is that satisfaction is the result of something else—something that begins within us. Watch this powerful video now!

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Taking Back the Rulership of Your Life


Whether it’s fear of failure, insecurity about your own abilities, or a sense of guilt that tells you that you don’t deserve your dreams, you must declare war against what is resisting you from ascending to your throne. Time is running out, and your future awaits the royal edicts that will steer your life into everything you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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How to Release the Visual Power of Your Mind


Have you ever said, “I’ll believe it when I see it?” That’s especially true when it comes to seeing with your inner eyes. In other words, you only believe what you “see” with the eyes of your mind, and that can be good and bad. Discover the power of visualization and how to use it to create the life you want.

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How to Decide What to Do With Your Life


People are either afraid to make the wrong decision—so they do nothing but wonder and worry—or they make decisions too quickly and overcommit themselves. This video will OPEN YOUR EYES to why we do these things and what to do about it! Watch now!

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How to Stop Your Negative Thinking (Video)


There’s a way to stop thinking negative without spending all of your time and effort just trying to “keep negative thoughts out.” There’s a way I’ve discovered to eliminate more than half of that battle by simply making a few fundamental changes to the way you see things. It’s really powerful and effective. Check it out!

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Stay Hungry, and You’ll Win in Life (Video)

Stay Hungry Thumbnail

Were you hungry at some point in your life? Have you lost that drive to sacrifice for something you actually wanted? If so, then I want you to know that there are steps you can take to get that hunger back, and they’re not that difficult.

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Six Ways to Build Your Mental Strength (Video)

Mental Strength Thumbnail

I can honestly say that over 90% of the issues people write to me about could be overcome by having one thing: a strong mind.

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How to Build Your Self-Confidence (Video)


One of the main reasons why we hold ourselves back is a lack of confidence. It’s not fear. It’s a lack of trust in ourselves. We don’t believe we can do the things we want to do or be the person we want to be. This new series tackles this head on. Click to watch now…

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Procrastination: How to Put an End to Putting Things Off

Procrastination Thumbnail

Everyone battles with procrastination. Everyone has an area of their life where they’ve chosen to push away endless opportunities to get something done. Oftentimes, that task needing completion is not even difficult or time-consuming, yet it still gets put to the back burner. Why do we do this?

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Avoiding the Train Wrecks of Life (Video)


In life, you can achieve your best just by avoiding the train wrecks, but for too many, they are their own bad situation. Here’s how reformat your life to avoid self-sabotage and starting moving forward towards real achievement and lasting change.

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