Daily Scream – Week 2, Ep. 2: You Will Tread This Path Alone (Video)


The “proving” has nothing to do with anyone else. This path cannot be tread by holding someone’s hand or letting them lead you. All the voices of your teachers and mentors must come from behind—if not, they are your wardens not your co-workers. A voice from the front is either pulling you, or blocking your view. Only a voice from behind is pushing you into becoming who you need to be.

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Daily Scream – Week 3, Ep. 1: Life is Filled With Fiery Trials (Video)


Life is a crucible because life is filled with fiery trials that test the metal from which you are made. Nobody likes the trial that go through, but there can be an upside to these dark seasons. What you have before you is the chance to prove yourself. What you have is the opportunity to prove who you are and the dream that inspires you.

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Daily Scream – Week 2, Ep. 5: Guard Your Head (Video)


Use both sides of your brain with intention, and you’ll live a kick ass life. Keep them both free from the junk and people that try to keep you occupied with anything less than the highest aspirations for yourself. Guard your head like Fort Knox—it’s worth more than all the gold in there anyway.

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Daily Scream – Week 2, Ep. 4: A Vivid Imagination Creates Stress (Video)


People wreak havoc on their bodies by the stress created from a vivid imagination of the worst. The more real the image you create, the more your body and emotions will accept it as reality. That’s why you have an imagination. Your imagination is not logical, but it’s a hell of a lot more real to you than anything your rational side can come up with. You have to exploit it for your own well-being.

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Daily Scream – Week 2, Ep. 3: Winning the Battle of the Mind (Video)


Winning the battle of the mind requires more than directing your thoughts—it requires keeping the nonsense out that’s taxing your enthusiasm. If you’re tired, hungry, and stressed, the battle of the mind is that much harder to win.

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Daily Scream – Week 2, Ep. 2: Your Mind is Imprisoned by Your Perceptions (Video)


Your mind becomes imprisoned by your perceptions, and your perceptions are the way you understand, or interpret, your circumstances. Your perceptions are the colored sunglasses through which you see everything that happens to you.

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Daily Scream – Week 2, Ep. 1: You’ll Go Wherever Your Mind Takes You (Video)


You’ll go wherever your mind takes you, and that’s killer news if you can swallow the truth. You can’t change your age, or stop time, but you can change a hell of a lot about your life if you can change your mind. It won’t be easy, but at least it’s up to you.

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Daily Scream – Week 1, Ep. 4: Train Your Mind to Keep Perspective (Video)


Train your mind to keep perspective while holding before your mind’s eye the massive reward that comes if you’re persistent. Your physical body can do the work, so we know the problem is not there. Your mind will quit long before your body, so focus all your cannons on that hill. Get your head together and learn to hate the word “quit.”

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Daily Scream – Week 1, Ep. 3: Where Ignorance Reigns, Fatalism Ain’t Far Behind (Video)


Wherever ignorance reigns, fatalism ain’t far behind. That’s because the less you know about how something is achieved, the more you think it’s just fate that it happens for other people. It has nothing to do with fate but everything to do with hard work; tireless problem-solving; networking; and endless attempts at success. Eventually, the world will bend to your persistence, so long as you refuse to allow your rebellious mind to convince you to quit because “you think” it’s too hard.

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Daily Scream – Week 1, Ep. 2: Life Won’t Work Itself Out (Video)


Life won’t work itself out because life only responds to those who seek to control it. Yes, there are things outside of your control, but most of what’s happened to you in the past—and most of what you’re presently experiencing—is brought about by the decisions you make. And that is determined by the way you think.

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