Daily Scream – Week 1, Ep. 3: Where Ignorance Reigns, Fatalism Ain’t Far Behind (Video)


Wherever ignorance reigns, fatalism ain’t far behind. That’s because the less you know about how something is achieved, the more you think it’s just fate that it happens for other people. It has nothing to do with fate but everything to do with hard work; tireless problem-solving; networking; and endless attempts at success. Eventually, the world will bend to your persistence, so long as you refuse to allow your rebellious mind to convince you to quit because “you think” it’s too hard.

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Daily Scream – Week 1, Ep. 2: Life Won’t Work Itself Out (Video)


Life won’t work itself out because life only responds to those who seek to control it. Yes, there are things outside of your control, but most of what’s happened to you in the past—and most of what you’re presently experiencing—is brought about by the decisions you make. And that is determined by the way you think.

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Daily Scream – Week 1, Ep. 1: Nothing Can Be Left to Chance (Video)


Nothing can be left to chance. Nothing is simply a matter of fate. Everything is determined by the plans and efforts you make to shape your future, so don’t hesitate to dispose of any and all misconceptions that somehow “life will work itself out.” Click to watch this video.

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