Fear of Failure, Fear of Success

Fear of Failure or Success

One of the most paralyzing emotions is fear, and you’ve probably heard that fear is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Whatever you’re afraid of is probably not as bad as you think. And if you can push through the mental mirage of fear, than an oasis of achievement awaits you.

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Dark Path: Finding Your True Way to Achievement


True, lasting success is not luck. It’s not the result of you just swinging in hopes of hitting something. Achievement in any area of life or business comes by consistently following the strict principles that govern success in those areas. To do that requires regular wise judgments and the discipline to stay on mission. You have a designated course, or path, and the challenge is to remain on it.

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How to Be MORE Motivated!


Motivation is not difficult, because you’re already motivated to do what you do whether it’s beneficial to you or not. Even the most lazy person is motivated in their laziness. Even the greatest procrastinator is consistent when it comes to avoiding the tasks they keep putting off. Either way, we do what we do for a reason, and the strength of that reason determines the strength of our motive.

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Seek and Destroy: Killing in the Land of Opportunity

Seek & Destroy 1200x628

Success is not so much what happens “inside you” as it is what happens “outside of you” when you start seizing the opportunities that pass you every day!

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Momentum: The Force That Can Make Things Happen in Your Life


Self-discipline is when you force yourself to do something you otherwise wouldn’t want to do. If you don’t have that force to exert on yourself, then you have to create it. Momentum is a principle you can use because momentum creates impetus and impetus is the force that makes something happen.

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Mastering Your Mind: Training Your Head to Dominate Your Life

Mastering Mind_featured

There was a time in my life when I could literally shut down everything that was going on around me and enter into absolute stillness of mind. You could’ve placed me in the middle of a raging crowd at a concert, and I would still be able to focus my mind. The endless hours of meditation created in me a monk-like heart of steel.

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Lion-Hearted: Your BEST Defense Against the Harshness of Life

Close-up shot of roaring lion and lioness

When life brings you heartache, setbacks, difficulties, and insurmountable problems, you’re best protection is your personal strength.

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Bury the Dead: Creating Your Future by Leaving the Pain of Your Past


There’s one thing robbing you of your future, and it’s your past. It’s the only thing—in terms of you—that can rob you of your future. Even if it was someone else that caused you pain, or put you down, it’s still your hanging on to what happened, or what they said, that keeps you from living the life your heart desires. Discover how you can truly put your past behind you and create the future you’ve always wanted.

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Giant Killer: How Big Goals Get Taken Down!


Dreams and goals can be intimidating because they’re too big for your mind to believe. The key is to chop those giants down into smaller pieces that your mind will believe and your will can easily achieve. Discover how!

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Fuel: How to Increase the Power of Your Passion


What is passion? Passion is an intense desire for something, and it is the primary fuel that will keep you pursuing real achievement and lasting change. Without passion, you have no fuel, and without fuel, you will surely burn out. Discover a simple way to fuel your passions!

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