Strike and Ignite: Do You Hang Out with Energy-Drainers or Those Who Fire You Up?


I have lots of friends and associates, but there’s only a handful of people that I allow to speak into my life. I’m not rude to any of them, but I am guarded about how much I’ll share with someone that wants to drain my energy more than they want to ignite it. I want to be available to the energy-drainers, but I don’t want to be in “blood brotherhood” with them.

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Life Won’t Work Itself Out


Life won’t work itself out because life only responds to those who seek to control it. Yes, there are things outside of your control, but most of what’s happened to you in the past—and most of what you’re presently experiencing—is brought about by the decisions you make. And that is determined by the way you think.

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Dealing with Loneliness


There are some who choose to be alone, but there are others who have it forced upon them. Whether the sudden death of someone you love, a divorce, or to be ignored by others, the dark isolation of loneliness drains the human soul of its vitality. Discover 5 steps to freedom!

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In Search of Validation: Your Quest for Value and Acceptance


Since you were a child, you’ve searched for two things: value and acceptance. Whether you are male or female, your view of yourself is determined by value and acceptance. To sum it up in a single word, we are on a quest for validation. But can we ever find it? Read and find out.

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Boots to Asses: Using Healthy Aggression to Deal With Stress


There are numerous effects stress can have on your body, mood and behavior. For example, physically stress can lead to headaches, muscle aches and pains, chest pains, fatigue, change in your sex drive, upset stomach and sleep problems. As if a change in sex drive isn’t bad enough, your mood becomes affected as well. Stress…

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How to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff!


Mastering your emotions is about mastering the moment, and that comes down to training your mind to handle a crisis, setback, or simple situations. Read about how I learned this lesson again after I lost a sizable check!

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How to Increase Your Motivation and Strengthen Your Will Power

No Motivation

Your motive is the reason you do something, and desire is how bad you want it. If you can better define your reason for achievement, you can strengthen your desire for it. If you can strengthen your desire for it, you can increase your will power to stay in the fight.

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Discouragement Destruction: How to Defeat What Makes You Quit


Discouragement is rooted in a lack of assurance, or confidence, in yourself. You want to be self-disciplined, but you’re not confident that you can keep it up for the long haul. However, discouragement doesn’t come all at once. It seeps into your mind slowly by the small defeats that add up to a big failure and your decision to quit. Learn how to destroy it and restore the fire of enthusiasm!

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Radical Resolution to Slaughter Your Goals in 2014


Whatever resolution you can be the most radical about is the resolution that will slaughter your goals. Whatever you are the most radical about contains a storehouse of perseverance to carry you through the long months where consistency matters most.

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Bruce Lee’s Secret to Greatness


I was a huge fan of Bruce as a kid, but I didn’t learn of Bruce’s life as a thinker until I was an adult. I wasn’t aware of the breadth of his reading, or his careful note-taking. I saw him only as a martial artist and an actor. My impression of him elevated when I discovered this hidden part of his personal life.

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