How to Find the Inspiration to End Your Dark Season


To be “inspired” means to have “life breathed into you,” and that’s what will put an end to a directionless life that’s dull and boring. You need inspiration. You need a story for your life—because when you’re inspired by something greater than yourself you become something more than you are.

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How to Win the Battle of the Mind


A war is defined as a state of armed conflict between two opposing sides, and when it comes to your mind, this war is non-stop. Everyday, a new battle ensues on a new battlefront, but the question is which side of your mind has declared war, and which side is defending itself? Winning the battle of the mind is tedious, but the process is simple. Don’t allow the intimidation you’ve experienced in the past keep you from unleashing hell on who you used to be!

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The Less You Live in the Past, The More You Won’t Recognize Your Future


The past can haunt you, and for some of us, it feels like these ghosts can never be expelled from our minds. For many of us, the haunting continues, and the future we see for ourselves will always include the painful spirits created by what happened to us.

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Sacrifice: The Price You’ll Pay to Become All You Can Be


Commitment takes sacrifice,and sacrifice is when you toss something of value in order to get something of even greater value. It’s giving yourself FOR yourself. It’s sacrificing what you are in order to become what you can be.

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Keep It Heavy: Personal Growth Through Resistance


There’s simply no way to greatness other than through the many thresholds of pain. I believe you can pay the price to push through those barriers, but like the bodybuilder, you have to learn to love the pain, and pain is the threshold that separates the achievers from the mediocre.

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Seize Your Throne: Taking Back the Rulership of Your Life


Whether it’s fear of failure, insecurity about your own abilities, or a sense of guilt that tells you that you don’t deserve your dreams, you must declare war against what is resisting you from ascending to your throne. Time is running out, and your future awaits the royal edicts that will steer your life into everything you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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Iron Blood: The Warrior’s Way to Personal Strength

Iron Blood

Happy thoughts don’t create the kind of warriors we see in stories like Rocky, Rudy, Braveheart, or 300. Happy thoughts don’t inspire sacrifice, or move the wounded warrior to disregard his pain in order to win the day. For that, you need something higher. Something greater than yourself. Learn how.

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Turning Your Laziness into Ass-Kicking Action


Learn to maximize your time, and you’ll transform boredom into building something for yourself. A bored person is a directionless person. A bored person is basically a slave. They have no greater expectation than living on the plantation of “just getting by” and have no intent to maximize their gifts, talents, and abilities.

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How to Defeat the Greatest Threat to Your Goals & Dreams


Believe it or not, the greatest threat to your goals and dreams is when you permit the opinions, and critiques, of others to determine what you do—or do not do. Here’s how to defeat that!

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Lack of Heart: What’s Robbing You of the Life You Claim You Want


If there’s one thing a coach looks for in a player, it’s heart. If there’s one thing that makes a fighter, it’s heart. More than size or status, the great equalizer and overcomer is heart! What is heart? It’s absolute commitment. What is commitment? It’s being fully dedicated to a cause or act without regard…

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